Sunday, November 12, 2006

How I knit so much.

I neglect the baby.

Ha, no, seriously. She's one of those kids who is happy playing with her toys, hanging out, and watching cartoons. I run 'Noggin', a children's educational cartoon channel, so I don't feel like I'm rotting her brain. Someone needs to be in the room with her because she's got a thing for electrical cords, so I spend a lot of time sitting in the living room with cartoons running, reading a book and knitting. I've also lucked out and gotten a kid who still naps twice a day; every time I try to switch her over to one nap, we get this rip-snorting tasmanian devil type around 7PM. So even with meals and diaper changes and playing with her once in a while, I can still squeeze in a good bit of knitting in a day, if I'm determined. We usually run errands in the evening with the Husbeast, as a group, so that's still most of the day to knit.

The baby MOSTLY leaves knitting alone, but she's fascinated by texture and if I'm knitting something soft (like the mohair scarves) she wants to feel it. She's not too good at that yet, and her hands are often covered in drool, so we've had some real wrestling matches. But she gets it from me - when I was little, my mother hung up sheer drapes in the living room and would always find me in a corner, sucking my thumb and rubbing the curtain between my fingers. I also rubbed off all the satin edgings on my blankets. Even now, I touch everything when I walk through clothing stores, and almost - ALMOST - wish I lived in a cold enough climate that I could wear alpaca regularly.

So there you have it. Baby neglect.

Otherwise, I've got the first inch or so done on the yoke of the Husbeast Gansey and have begun the shoulder decreasing. The wave design on the chest looks kind of cool (we won't tell the husbeast that inverted chevrons are a female symbol from waaaay back) and the twisted stitch patern on the sleeves is still twisting.

Time to go knit.


Sheepish Annie said...

As part of my responsibilities in job #2 I teach parenting education. (this is ironic on so very many levels, the first of which being that I don't actually have children...) One of the first things I tell parents is to r.e.l.a.x!!!!! If nothing is on fire and the kid is fed, safe and happy, you're better than halfway there. And Noggin. Noggin is good!! But that's covered in the more advanced classes.

Bells said...

She doesn't sound neglected to me. You're in the same room together, she's happy, you're happy, everyone's happy!

I can't for the life me imagine that cherub turning into a Tassie Devil. I'm trying. Nope. Can't see it.

ps thanks for the advice on my cardigan Julie. Much appreciated.

Alwen said...

On Texture

I vividly remember sitting in the middle of a yellow chenille bedspread, rubbing Vaseline onto it.

In case this sounds kinky, my mom says I was about 7 or 8 months old when I did this! Anyway, pre-9-months old, because she knows it was before I started walking.

But what a texture thrill!

NeedleTart said...

I loved that satin stuff, too! My kinder liked to pluck their lovies. The elder would hide little balls of fluff in his ear for later. Later I had to hold his head still while the Dr. pulled it out!

TrishJ said...

I would rub the satin part of my blankies too! Wow, who knew we were so much alike.

That baby is sorely abused, you can tell from the happy smile ::snort::. Seriously, you're doing just fine.

Rae said...

You're not alone. Have you seen this:

Amy Lane said...

I just neglect the housework...If I neglecged the cave troll, their wouldn't be an intact item in the house...