Sunday, November 19, 2006

Somebody come clean my house.

'Cause the in-laws get here tomorrow and it's still a disaster. And I don't care any more.

I finished the review of Vogue Knitting. Since I started it yesterday, Blogger posted it down below yesterday's blog post. Or you can click here. Most of my outrage this issue is aimed at whoever styled the photos, not the projects themselves. Though some of them suck, too. (I know, I shouldn't say anything unless I can do better. But the annoying thing is, in some cases, I CAN do better. I gurandamntee that I'd come up with a better project than that fucking Koigu coat, given the same materials.)

Ahem. Othwerwise, I am avoiding housework by knitting. I've got over half the Knuck fingers done and have a shoulder strap and a half to go on the Husbeast Gansey. We won't discuss the damn scarves. I'm considering skeining the yarn I'm going to dye next week, too. Because it'd beat doing housework.


NeedleTart said...

Funny things Blogger does! I check you almost every day, and today (yes, I checked yesterday) I find 3 new posts. Heh-hmm. I bought the new Vogue knitting, too. Mostly because Brenda Dayne said on her pod-cast, "Vogue has the most usable fashions. If you look at 10-year-old back issues, you will see great styles for today." Maybe she missed this issue?
Get those art supplies out early! Let the creativity flow~ Good Mommy!
Clean house? No thank you. I'm going to the brother's and no-one extra is coming for Hanukkah. The kids know if they complain about sticking to the kitchen floor, they can wash it!

Bells said...

I don't have a clean house either. And I didn't get a chance to knit at all so I lucked out on both counts.

April said...

You can't be expected to clean house for your in-laws, you're busy raising their grandchild!

People need to reassess their priorities. Did I spell reassess correctly? Looks like a lotta s's in there.