Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why my in-laws are cool.

Do they say, "Why must you dress our grandchild like a freakazoid?"


Do they say, "What are you doing in the boy's department when shopping for our beloved granddaughter?"


They say, "Here, let us pay for that."

I now have the punkest baby, ever. (And notice, she's standing on her own? Still won't walk.)

Camo pants for babies. Mwahahahaha.


Sheepish Annie said...

Very, very cool cammos! But I'm not sure the sweet print top goes with them.

Do they make a Dead Kennedys t-shirt in toddler sizes? Ramones? Violent Femmes? Probably not...

Hooray for cool in-laws!

April said...


Oh. My. God.

The Baby is definitely all that an' a bag o' chips.

Bells said...

tee hee. I've said it before, I'll say it again. What a munchkin!!!! Love the little hint of belly!

And your inlaws certainly are cool.

Anonymous said...

Where did the camo pants come from... and do they ship to the UK?

Louiz (now picturing my toddler babe in camo pants and maybe a tee shirt with fabric paint hand prints on...)

Julie said...

We bought them at OshKosh. They should have a web site and ship to the UK... it's a very large company.

The pants are really nice for cold weather, too. Flannel lined. And they have an adjustable waist.