Monday, November 06, 2006

Christmas knitting?

All over the knitting blogs, there is a sudden and recurring theme. "It's the first week of November, time to start the Christmas knitting." Start? START??!!?? Are they MAD?

Most years, my Christmas knitting is done by now (last year was really bad, but I gave birth in September and I'm blaming it all on The Baby). Even this year it's low-stress because the major gifts were done by the start of October. (Blue Shimmer and the brown and red jacket.) The latest I've ever started the Christmas knitting was September, and that year I cursed myself for waiting too long.

Start way, way ahead next year, if you want to enjoy your knitting at all. The closer to deadline you get, the less you enjoy it. Remember me going down to the wire on the Blue Shimmer for the state fair? Have you SEEN the Yarn Harlot in action the last three weeks of December? Have you learned nothing?

Start in September. I'm telling you.

This is in no way meant to sound smug. Honestly, I'm worried about the sanity of a few people out there, comparing their to-knit list and the calendar. (I won't name names.)

Of course, the really, really smart people are giving out cookies for Christmas this year.


April said...

There are some advantages to being an orphaned hermit.

No Christmas list, ergo no Christmas knitting.

debsnm said...

I'm only doing 3 pair of socks (one a baby's socks) and one (maybe 2 if she's NICE) pair of gauntlets. I always start freaking about August, think about it, and choose wisely. Yeah, November is a little late to decide to knit for Christmas.

sienna said...

yep...I just have the toe left on a pair of RPM socks for my mom & then I have to do one more Phentex slipper for the mother-in-law (I know, I know...but it was a request, I didn't know it would be so horrible!) Anything else I get done will be gravy...

Bells said... knitting doesn't really happen here. Don't know if other Southern Hemisphere inhabitants think like this, but frankly, no one wants to receive a woollen item in the heat of December, do they? I do birthday knitting throughout the year. But I am gonna make a few small gift items this year - bookmarks etc, so maybe I should get onto that!

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...I used to do that...since the advent of babies 3& 4, I've gotten better about knitting for people throughout the year and BUYING for Christmas. For example, this year, it's all about hats and booties... I think I have 1 pair of fingerless gloves and 1 large, whoopty 12 crocheted blanket to make for a student, and I'm all done w/Christmas knitting. (I too worry about the Yarn January she will be blogging with her toes from a straightjacket in a rubber room...)

Sheepish Annie said...

Yeah, yeah...I'll do it next year. Honest.

You have earned the right to be smug on this one. Sit back, grab a beer and watch the madness. We, the organizationally challenged, will be most entertaining for the next month!

Terby said...

Hmm. I guess I'm just a selfish bastard when it comes to my knitting. :) Holiday knitting is way too much stress for me. If I knit a present, I'll do it when and if I feel like it, and you'll get it when and if it gets done! That's my policy, and I'm sticking to it.