Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Baby.

April wanted to know where the baby is. At the moment she's tormenting the cat.

Just last night, the husbeast and I were looking at baby photos and decided that the following might be our favorite, ever:

It was taken when she was six months old, sitting on Dadad's lap. You can see she was a happy little goober from day one.

Another one I really like was taken during her birthday celebration in Ohio when she was a year old. We took her to see the duckies and she wasn't quite sure about all those birds.

So there you go. Baby photos on demand.


Bells said...

Oh! I get to be the first to comment! Thank you bloglines!

I suffer the most serious baby envy when I see photos like this. happy little goober indeed. Even my own husbeast is enjoying photos of her!

FairyGodKnitter said...

Your baby does not take a bad picture. I cruise on over to your blog and am sure I will find a reason to smile. It does kind of make up your lapses into unladylike language from time to time (only kidding- your rants are just as entertaining as Baby).

Amy Lane said...

She is so very very exceptionally cute... and she doesn't seem to suffer that whole 'smile for the world but screw the camera' thing my kids did... (I frequently talk about how cute they are, but when I show pictures they look either grim or vacant...sort of depressing really...)

MaryB said...

Great Pics!
Tell the kitty cheer up I'm guessing it's not 0 F like it is in Fairbanks:) Winter has finally come. At least we had Fall this year. Incentive to Knit!!
Husbeast's sweater is nice, I checked out archive to figure out what yarn it is, I might have to get some of that. The yarn looks yummy, nice price too.

Rae said...

a goober good enough to eat. ;)

April said...

See? It's not just me that loves The Baby. I swear, she's the solution to world peace. How could you want to go to war after looking at a face like that?