Friday, November 24, 2006

Things I keep forgetting.

All my Christmas shopping is done. You may leave me hate comments for that. Other than two and a half scarves, the Christmas knitting is done, too. Hate me, hate meeeeeee. (This will not be the case next year, at least not with the knitting. But we always shop early 'cause I hate being broke in December.)

My mother-in-law wore a sweater I knit her when we all went out, Wednesday. It's a Christmas present from three or four years ago:

It's another turkish sock pattern, knit in lopi. I've been gradually perfecting the whole concept over the last several years. Anyway, not only does she take good care of the sweater and WEAR it, she went out and bought that turtle-neck because it exactly matched the lighter tone in the sweater. How can you not enjoy knitting for someone like that? (She's gonna freak when she sees the Blue Shimmer.)

There is no photo of the baby stuffed full of Thanksgiving dinner and unable to move. Unlike the rest of us, she had enough common sense to not eat that much at one time, and stayed on her usual meal schedule. (The rest of us stuffed ourselves in early afternoon and then had several pieces of pie, each, as a combination dinner and snack.) The baby does love pumpkin pie, though. We ate the rest of it for breakfast today.

We will not discuss the gravy. Oy.

The dye bath is almost exhausted and I'm about to do a rinse and then start on the other color (cornflower blue). I'm documenting the entire process with the camera, so I can subject everyone to a tutorial later. (Not that I have any freaking clue what I'm doing, here - this is the first time I've dyed anything since a round of tee shirts in 1986.) So far the yarn appears to be really fucking pink. Or as the husbeast says, "That's not pink. It's PINK!"


Bells said...

talk about the most perfect person to knit for!!! Your MIL rocks! You can tell her I said so, if she has any interest in knowing what a fellow knitter from Down Under thinks. :-)

Looking forward to the dye bath results!

Bells said...

oh and I have done no christmas shopping to speak of. Yes I hate you. :-)

TrishJ said...

Julie's MIL is the bestest lady...when she had the baby I had to call MIL to coordinate gift arrival. I think I talked to her for over an hour!

You are the bitch of the highest extreme for being done with shopping. We hates you, precious.

April said...

I want that sweater.

Give it to me.


Julie said...

Join the Steek-Along. I'll put up that pattern as an alternate to the one we're using, and you can knit your own. It's very similar to the one I plan to use, in any case.

I used three colors of brown and one of beige Reynolds Lopi-Light. E-mail me if you want the color numbers and names and I'll even try to remember what they were.

Otherwise, you'll have to pry it out of my mother-in-law's hands, and I'd like to know when you try that, so I can put the brawl on Pay-Per-View and make some yarn money.

Five bucks on my mother-in-law.