Thursday, November 06, 2008

The holiday craft spaz-out-along.

Let's do it. Misery loves company. I've made a button to link back to here, and I was going to list everyone participating in the sidebar. To join, just drop me a comment or e-mail with your name and your web site/blog addy if it's not immediately obvious. Do we need a group blog? If so, can someone who knows how to run a group blog let me know how to do that? (I think I know.) We'd do it on Blogger, I think.


You are making anything for any holiday between now and the end of January. This includes Yule, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve or Day, Epiphany, hell, let's extend it to mid February - when my gifts will probably get done anyway - and include Chinese New Year. (Anyone got a good moon-cake recipe?) Sorry I missed Ramadan and Diwali, I didn't realize they were early this year; I can never keep the lunar calendars straight (coulda sworn they were in November). Join in anyway. Or prop up the rest of us lunatics. If I'm missing any holidays - and I likely am - let me know. I'm always interested in that kind of stuff.
"Crafting" is deliberately vague and includes everything. Thanksgiving buffet for forty? Sounds like an art to me. Gifts of all forms, organizing get-togethers, any of it. It's a craft, it's an art, it's a source of stress. We all need to support each other in the madness.

THE BUTTON: As usual, save it to your computer and link it back to here so your blog readers can find an explanation for the madness.

I was making the button this morning and looking around the 'net at generic solstice symbols, like snowflakes and snow men and other happy-go-lucky shit. And you know, I realized the idea of the holiday knitting doesn't fill me with happy snowflake glitter, it makes me feel like this:

So I loaded up Gimp (free graphics program - if you need a graphics program and are cheap, get it, it's great) and got to work, and this is what I wound up with.

Which I think perfectly summarizes how I feel. And likely the rest of you.

Now. Let me post this and put the button in the sidebar and see if it's the right size. If not, there may be re-sizing in the immediate future.


Sarah said...

Hurrah! Count me in.

amy said...

Oh, I LOVE this idea. But I already made the gifts, before I had the baby, because I'm just not crazy enough to try and make a ton of gifts with a newborn. The holidays spaz me out anyway, but I'm trying to shed obligations this year. Shoot. I love your button, too. I'm going to try and think how I might qualify anyway.

historicstitcher said...

Outstanding! Count me in!

Can't promise to get to the blog badge before the weekend, though. I'm a bit swamped at the moment!!! I still have a never-ending torso sock to finish, and about 20 towels to weave. Oh! And I haven't started the wine yet! It needs a good six weeks before bottling! GAK!

And did I mention I joined NaNoWriMo, and am handwriting a novel before the end of November?? Which leaves NO time for crafting...

I'm definitely in.

Alwen said...

I try to avoid making anything by hand for the holidays, except for pies.

Do pies count?

Oh, BTW:

Donna Lee said...

I'm so in. I love the button. It's the first year I have opted to make something for everyone so I have a feeling that button is going to be like looking in a mirror!

walterknitty said...

God, that button is perfect. Count me in.

Walter Knitty

Caroline said...

Love the idea, love the button. But my family reads my blog, so I won't be able to post about any holiday crafting there. If there's going to be a spaz-out blog I'd be happy to join.

And my verification word is cents. Is Blogger trying to remind us of the whole financial crisis thing?

Mandy said...

Makes me wish I had a blog to link to! Does anyone know if I can put the button on my Facebook page?

I'll be spazzing right along with you, even if nobody else can read about it!

(Oh, and to continue the verification thread - "menha". Says it all, doesn't it?)

Amy Lane said...

I have NO idea how to put the button on--but I'm so totally in... I'll list the stuff I want to finish on the blog next try! (spamword: visting --that's almost a real word!)

Barbara said...

I'm in, oh so in. I'm NaNoWriMo-ing too, historicstitcher, so I'm with you too. Every day I make the choice--words or yarn, words or yarn. (so far yarn's kind of ahead, but I swear [cross my heart] I'm chosing "words" as soon as I post this)


P.S. my word's "exide," sounds like of science-y

NeedleTart said...

Thank G-d, Amy. I thought I was the only one left in blog-land that hadden't figured out how to add buttons (and list and pictures to the header and ....) Tech support has moved to Pittsburgh and I am all on my own here.
Also spazing. I haven't even made the list of things I need to make. AHHHHHHH!!!!!
needletart dot blogspot dot com

Sarah said...

Well you might as well sign me up I'm sure this will pertain to me in many ways. I mean I do a full turkey dinner for yule for 4 kids and 2-3 adults. I plan on making a few gifts and all that jazz.

By the way a group blog is easy to set up, if you want I can otherwise I'm more than positive you can figure it out.

Sarah O G
ladybhuidhe at gmail dot com

KnitTech said...

Oh yeah, I'm in. I'm making wash cloths this year, but we won't talk the socks which should been in September. (Do those count as well?)

Web address:

Leonie said...

I'm in.
So far I have only allocated one pair of socks to be done for Christmas but hey I'm sure I can add a whole lot more!!!
Mum is doing Christmas this year so I don't have to cook up big but I do have to prepare for our first ever week long camp in a tent holiday in January. Maybe that can count for the spaz-out-along as so far we have a tent, somewhere to sleep (inflatable bed/camp beds/portacot) and something to keep us warm (quilt/sleeping bags/blankets). That's all we need for a week of camping with a 5yo, 3yo and 15mth old right? Right?

Bells said...

Count me in! Love the button.

Galad said...

I'm in too. I have way to many projects planned for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Very, very in. I have yet to reach critical spaz-mass, but I can feel it building. I'll attempt to put the button in, but if previous efforts are anything to go by, success is unlikely. :)


ellen in indy said...

no blog, no facebook, waiting to find out whether i'll get a layoff (i volunteered cuz i'm close to minimum retirement age & what they save might keep a couple of young people w/babies n mortgages on the payroll) so i'm stress-knitting:

wip in progress: dk sweater for grandgirl (she knows it's coming -- not xmas gift but urgent cuz it's cold here. 6 or 7 (or more) little sachet bags to fill w/lavender from the farm market as gifts for grandgirl's teachers.

not yet cast on: fair isle tam for good friend (and coordinating hat for her huz if there's time). 1 more dishcloth for new nephew-by-marriage. set of same to go w/bro and sil's newly renovated kitchen in (sigh) hawaii. some kind of gift for a knitting group exchange.

plus, my OTHER knitting group is starting a kal on central park hoodie.

thankfully, all i have to do on the 25 pairs of socks for's orphans is mail 'em.

so, sure -- count me in! just be prepared for what my kids called "newspaper words" (i.e., the kind that you can't print, but that we say a lot there!)

Arianne said...

I'm joining. I'm called Arianne, my e-mail is and my blog is

I'm knitting gifts for each of my large immediate family. I started last week.

It's the first time I'm going home for Christmas in 4 years so I really need to be ready!

I'm going to probably die.

And please, don't do the maths and tell me it's not possible 'cause I'm not knitting fast enough. I'd like to keep my delusions up until Christmas eve when I'll be frantically knitting 12 pairs of socks on my transatlantic flight.


(Why do we do this to ourselves?)

Silver Phoenix said...

I wasn't going to join until I saw the button--I don't do well under pressure, and generally being observed is enough "pressure" to make me run and hide--but Munch's The Scream is a family in-joke too sweet to ignore.

And, maybe, if I'm observed, I'll actually do my holiday knitting as intended, instead of crapping out and giving everyone gift cards (again)!

jennantonnix said...

I'm only planning 1 sweater and a pair of slippers, but things keep catching my ye, and I have no immunity to startitis. "X would love that scarf" and "I could finish a pair of socks this week, really ..." I'm totally spazzing. Plus, my word veritfication is 'sodumna', which ... speaks to me. I'm jennantonnix, and my "blog" is at MySpace under same.

Mandy said...

I posted the Scream button in an album on my Facebook page! Anyone who wants to view pics of my Holiday Craft Spaz-out participation can follow this link to it: I'm so excited, I can really join in even though I don't have a blog. Of course, I can't post gifts for family members who regularly view my photos until after the holidays, but rest assured, they will be there!

Caffeine Faerie said...

I'm in. completely and uterrly in spaz-out mode. :)

Michelle said...

Oh, I'm so in. Add me to the crazy NaNoWriMo/crafting crew. Love the button too. I had trouble with Gimp, but I really should try it again. I hate paying for things.

Instead of using my normal writing-related blog, I'll be posting all my craft projects here:

Liz said...

Hello - please sign me up when you have a minute? I have a spreadsheet of 18 items to complete including an as-yet-unstarted lace shawl...