Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick update.

Yesterday was lovely. We all had a good time, the food all made it to the table at the same time, the food was good (except for the roast, which must have come from a sixty-year-old cow, because I roasted it properly, damn it), and the Goob was almost good.

Before the meal, Grandma knit and kept an eye on the Goober, and the two of them sneaked dressing out of the dish of it.

By the time we ate, the Goob was so full of dressing she didn't really eat anything else. And since she wasn't hungry, sitting at the table with us was out of the question (in her mind), and she wound up watching TV in the living room while we ate. Oh well. Usually it works out. And from what I've seen and heard of other three year olds, it could have been a lot worse. (My brother once puked on the table at Thanksgiving, when he was a small child.)

Among other dishes, I made a batch of dinner rolls from scratch. I hadn't intended to, but I went to the store, and all their dinner rolls looked like crap, and, next thing I knew, I was setting dough to rise at eight AM Thanksgiving morning. They impressed the hell out of everyone, to the point the husbeast took a picture of them.

When grandma and grandpa came, they brought along a Tag Reading System from LeapFrog. It's a pen-shaped doohicky that has an optical reader in it. You can run it over text (from certain books, not just everything) and have it read to you. Very cool.

Goober and Grandma and Grandpa have been playing with it. I particularly like how the Goob's using her foot to hold up the book in this picture.

This morning we went out to do some shopping (nothing insane here; not like you've seen on the news) and while at the book store, I spotted a new book on ribbon flowers that I'd never seen before. We couldn't afford it, so I was desperately trying to absorb the information in it at light speed, when my mother-in-law said 'Let us get that for you'. I said 'I'm so glad I made you guys those rolls yesterday.'

If anyone remembers me bellyaching about a book the Goob wants read to her ten million times, the hated book is "That's not my kitten". Well. Today I purchased another book from the same publisher, "That's not my dinosaur." I'm such a damn pushover. I got it to distract her when grandma and grandpa go home and she's bummed, but now I think on it, Christmas is soon enough to break that thing out. Or maybe Beltane. Or Summer Solstice. Or her birthday next September.

Having a good time and a nice visit. Real blogging to commence soon (like tomorrow; they leave for home in the morning).


amy said...

That's so awesome that you're all having such a great visit. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bells said...

What a lovely day! The dinner rolls do look fabulous. Well done!

Amy Lane said...

That sounds LOVELY--my kids looked at the food on their plate and said "I want pie!" (because they'd seen me cook them the day before!) The rolls were VERY pretty-- and I've been thinking of that pen thing (and deciding in our house, we'd lose the pen!)

It sounds like an awesome visit--with the awesome in-laws:-)

Louiz said...

Sounds like a fantastic time.

Kathryn has That's not my mermaid. That's not my dragon. That's not my dolly. That's not my... She's got about 10 of the damn things. I meant to say before when you mentioned it last time.

Donna Lee said...

Each one of my kids had her own very favorite book. We had 'But No Elephants', 'Where Will The Animals Stay' and Mercer Meyer's 'Me, too'. I still have all three. They are more tape than paper at this point but they hold such fond memories.