Saturday, November 01, 2008

Well, that was a good time.

When the hub got to work he explained to the doofus who'd called that I was at the tail end of a two week migraine and had spent half the day in medical yesterday trying to get it fixed. And that the hundred-ring phone call pretty much set me back to square one. (Which was true. I even mentioned interrupted sleep as a major migraine trigger to the military doctor I saw yesterday if they want to check.) After that, the guy backed off. Didn't admit he was wrong, didn't APOLOGIZE (heaven forbid), but he shut up. Which is good enough at this point. The husbeast said "He doesn't like you right now." I said "Good. Then maybe he won't call me." Who said the thing about how it is good to be hated and feared? Michiavelli? I do believe the phrase "You need to control your wife." was uttered. Yep. Time for Michiavelli, I'm thinkin'.

Normally I don't pick up the phone and shout, either, but I'll be the first to admit constant pain makes me crazy. (Ah, the stories I could tell...) Once I had a couple migraine pills, woke up as much as possible with said migraine pills in me, and had a cup of tea, I thought "Well, that was certainly fighting stupidity with more stupidity." Though if someone ELSE calls and lets the phone ring a hundred times after I've had a migraine for two weeks, I won't swear to how sensible my behavior would be. I'll probably do the exact same thing. (Not saying it's right, just saying.)

I have decided to make cookies (or maybe a cake, or something) for the hub's immediate boss. Not the one who called and let the phone ring, but the one who stepped in and politely said all the right stuff. (Poor bastard.) I asked the husbeast if the guy had a favorite cookie. He said "homemade". Righto. I can do that.

Otherwise, nothing's happening here. I wanted to finish the next round of batiking today, but all I've done is drug myself and sleep. (I really am back to square one with the migraine; that wasn't just said to sound good with the doofus.)

Maybe once I get off line I'll get to work on the green and brown roving. You know, before I take more meds and pass out again. I'd also like to get out to the store for a couple pounds of bees' wax (batik thing again). That's the store list: bees' wax, chocolate chips, pig slippers, and size kid five footie pajamas. What happened to my life, again?

Oh - and I had a grand revelation on the carbon fiber. If I, say, KNIT THE SCARVES, using a skill I ALREADY KNOW, it would not only use less fiber, but would very likely be faster. Considering I ALREADY KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. Plus I wouldn't need to buy warping yarn/thread. So... probably knitted scarves. (Two years after vowing to never knit scarves for Christmas again. I'm on a roll.)

And the husbeast just walked in with a broom stick he bought me (to stir stuff in the washing machine, like dyed textiles) and is now using it as a gaffing hook to move stuff around, like blankets. He's so easily amused. (I'm so one to talk.)

Right. What was that again? Bees' wax, chocolate chips, pig slippers, and footie pajamas?

Goob photo!


Amy Lane said...

Nice of you to make cookies for the husbeast's immediate boss. The doofus with no phone manners should get eggs. Raw eggs. Thrown at his door.

I love your shopping list. Mine tend to have sort of a connection--like chocolate, chocolate milk, diet coke, motrin and maxi-pads.

(Feel better, Julie--may your migraine pass...)

Alwen said...

Calling over and over and not talking to the machine is just obnoxious. Not trying the cell number is dumb. Whoa, got obnoxious, got dumb, must be military, eh?

Attitude problem, what attitude problem?

The thing that gets my tail in a knot is gee, I didn't re-up. I didn't join in the first place. ::rolleyes::

AnneMarie in PA said...

Actually, Vlad Tepes, otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler, later morphed into the Dracula of Saturday Matinees, often told his "friends" to better keep them in line, "It is better to be feared than to be loved." Way, WAY before Machiavelli. Like, the mid 1400s.

Donna Lee said...

You'd think the guy who called the first time and got the machine would then have immediately called the cell. Is that too obvious? I guess not. Sorry it set you back. I've never had a migraine last that long. I don't think I'd handle it any better. I don't do so well when they last one day.

Anonymous said...

You could always make good cookies for the intermediate boss and cookies with exlax in them for the noob that kept calling.


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