Sunday, November 16, 2008


Because I finally unloaded the camera.

But first, thanks to all of you who left such kind comments about my health commentary and how helpful it is. I've always thought, the only point to living through really nasty shit is to help others get through it, too. So, it's good to know my experiences have sort of been useful. I hope that made sense.

First, Goob photos. The other day it was warm, and so I put her in one of her lighter dresses. It's her 'bananina dress' (ballerina dress). So I got the camera and asked her to dance.

So she did.

Will I be sent straight to hell if I admit she reminds me of Deider and Hans on Sprokets? "UND NOW, VE DANCE!!!"

I looked and looked for video of Dieder, but couldn't find anything. But I did find footage of Mike Myers dancing, which sums it up fairly well. Same general idea. (He starts channeling the Goober - or she starts channeling him - at around the thirty second mark. Except the Goob doesn't do tits and cigarettes.) And this, which is totally unrelated but amusing.

The other day, I was laying in the recliner feeling like an elephant had stomped my head into a mudhole, and asked the Goober to please be quiet and good because I didn't feel right. Next thing I knew?

She wanted me to bring her a drink. Am I the only one who is reminded of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, with that pose?

...yeah, pretty sure I'm not hallucinating that.

At the moment, the Goober is watching Scooby Doo and singing the theme song. Except she thinks it's all about her, and is singing "Goobie Goobie Goo, where are you?"

Otherwise, the knitting looks the same as it did the last ten times I posted photos.

I swear I'm posting different photos. Really. For refrence, that's a thirty inch long circular needle in there, and I'm pretty sure you could fit up past two thousand stitches on it, at least with lace weight. (NO. I am not going to try and see.) I think I'm also up around three thousand (THOUSAND) yards of yarn. I have surpassed my own lunacy. Before this the biggest medallion I knit went up to about 110 rounds, had 1200 stitches at once, and used about 1300 yards of thread. Once you hit the 150 round point, these things start sucking yarn like a black hole.

And the cat? We had an electrical storm the other night (two lightning strikes within about 1000 yards - from the sound of it both bolts hit the river). Sekhmet's solution has been to sleep on my head for the last two days. She's a Hawaiian kitty; they don't have much thunder or lightning in Hawaii. So, anyway, we're both pretty tired now. But she looks sillier.

She does too. Does. Does. SHE DOES TOO LOOK SILLIER.


Roxie said...

Any pictures of you yawning big enough to swallow your own head? Gotta compare apples and apples, you know.

"Goobie Goobie Goo, where are you?" Oh god, she is soo cute! How can you stand her?

Mandy said...

My husband turned on the radio the other day, and after listening for about a minute, all I could say was "Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance". Needless to say, he changed the station pretty quick. I love little kid dancing - it's the most unrestrained and joyful thing to watch! She's a doll!

Leonie said...

The pile of the "lace medallion thingy" does actually appear to be growing into a bigger/higher pile when looking at the photo progression, I loved the photo of the pattern yesterday with the line on it to show how much was put me in the mind of The Little Engine That Could (kids book) "I think I can, I think I can," I know I couldn't!!!

Donna Lee said...

She puts Cleopatra to shame. Regal, that's the word. And my children have accused me may times of giving out way too much health information. I am always sharing because I find human body stuff interesting and I can't understand why everyone else isn't fascinated.

Roz said...


Goober is awesome.

I spent my day with the G20 crowd yesterday. Yes, it was as thrilling as you indicated in the last post.


My verification today is "shing" -- shing a shong...

Amy Lane said...

Ah, bless your little bananina! I have one of those of my own, and sometimes, everything they do is just so damned cute!

Alwen said...

Oh, I love the little hand on the back of the couch. What a pose!

That is amazing how much yarn Helmut is sucking up. I swear I am going to do something in proper lace sizes after Duchrow 44 or 42 or whichever it is.

Today's verification is "coldel", appropriate at 30 degrees and snowing snowing snowing.