Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The migraine is back and my brain is hopping topics like a frog on meth, so I'm gonna make a vague attempt at categorizing and let it rip. For those not interested in slogging through my brain droppings, are you interested in some kind of 'holiday craft-along spaz-out' sort of thing? We can all prop each other up as we lose our minds.

POLITICS: I know, everyone's talking about it and I'll try to keep it brief and not repeat everything everyone else has already said. However.

I read an editorial a few weeks back by a political moderate, who said that while he wasn't thrilled at the idea of a fully Democratic-controlled government running unchecked, he hoped that the Dems won big just to send the proper message to the Republican party. That's about how I felt, and how I feel now. We did send a message, didn't we?

I am utterly thrilled that as of January, my nation will not be represented overseas by a man I consider a personal humiliation. All else aside, at least Obama's not a total fucking moron, like our current president.

As everyone who has been reading more than five minutes knows, I rarely dip into religion around here; I'm pantheist and I've always said, if it works for you, it's the right choice. However. FOR ANYONE WHO VOTED YESTERDAY ACCORDING TO RELIGIOUS BELIEF, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: How would you feel if someone of another religion suddenly came to power and enforced their own beliefs on your legal system? Say, for instance, fundamentalist Mormons suddenly got in power and demanded every woman wear dresses and have as many children as possible and give a huge portion of income to the church? Whether you were a member of the religion or not? Because that's how the rest of us feel, when you impose your beliefs at the ballot box and make the rest of us live with them. If you're against same-sex marriage, abortion, what-have you, well for crying out loud, don't do it. Legalizing same-sex marriage doesn't mean you have to go out and become a lesbian.

Oh, and incidentally, sixty years ago, inter-racial marriage was illegal in most states. Those laws have since changed. Civilization hasn't ended. At least not last time I checked. (Then again, depending on how you define civilization...)

And one last history reference... am I the only one looking at the Barack Obama phenomenon and thinking it's looking a whole lot like a JFK replay? I hope to hell I'm wrong. I really do. Maybe I need to lay off the history books. Or just shut up. Yeah. Good idea. Next topic.


I've reached halfway on the shawl, figured according to total number of stitches to knit. Round 148 of 206. It's looking like this thing will suck over 3500 yards of yarn. You'll excuse me while I go weep tears of blood.

This was on LOL Cats today, I'm sure I won't be the only knitting blog to post it, but hahahahaha:

I'm thinking of some kind of knit-along, but more like a craft-along. Calling it something like the "Holiday craft-along spaz-out". Insanity loves company. Any takers? Anyone making anything for any holiday coming up in the next three months would be eligible. Or anyone wanting support for NOT making things. Things can include cookies and Thanksgiving dinner. I'm easy. What do you think?


One of the most interesting things about having a kid, if you ask me, is watching the brain develop. And one of the ways to watch that happen, is how they play. Particularly, how they take toys meant for one thing, and use them for something TOTALLY different. In this case, the Goob emptied out a little wagon that came full of blocks, loaded it up with Little People, and drove them all to the beach.

When she saw me snap the photo, she insisted on another photo, where she could make a proper face:

The Goob has also been trying to tell and/or make up knock-knock jokes. They are all horrible, if we can understand them at all. And she does fake laughs while saying "Get it? Get it?" I shall attempt to get video. She told one this morning that involved banana peel slippers. It was as close to funny as she's gotten.

SEKHMET, YOU FUCKER: That's my knitting bag she's sitting in. Unfortunately nothing pointy poked her in the butt.

PS: Never ever ever ever try to upload video and a photo at the same time on Blogger. I think the power suck registered in Columbia. My laptop was hot enough to fry eggs. And it didn't work.


Sarah said...

I am totally in for the holiday crafting/knitting spaz out. I started knitting for the holidays 2 months ago, and every time I get anywhere close to "finishing" I decide I need some more things to give. Yesterday I decided I needed to knit a hat for my brother-in-law. Today I am thinking that I should make ornaments out of in-the-shell nuts that I have painted. Help.

amy said...

Yes, on the JFK similarity. I was just thinking today how amazing it was that a minority was finally elected President, and remembering (well, from history class remembering; I wasn't alive) that it was a huge deal when a Catholic was elected President, because of the fears that the country would somehow end up being ruled by the Vatican. And that's probably not even the similarity you were thinking of.

debsnm said...

As I listened to Obama last night, I thought that he just might truely be Kennedy's legacy. He has all the assets that JFK had - let's just hope he has none of the liabilities. And that he's in office much, much longer.

Nancy said...

Yes, I've been talking with my DH and a few others ever since the President-Elect was the chosen candidate that this was looking too much like a JFK replay and that I sincerely hope he is more than well protected.

Ana said...

The world is actually celebrating that the US has elected Obama as president. Makes one wonder what the reaction would have been if it had been McCain. Yesterday, was a day where I was proud of my country. It was amazing to see the reactions of the people to his election.
By the way, I absolutely adore the pictures you take of the Goob. It makes me miss the days when my kids were that young.

Liz said...

As someone not entitled to vote in your elections, THANK YOU to all those who turned out and voted for a better world last night.

And I'm totally on for the crafting thing. I was panicking on my blog only yesterday about the pathetic state of my holiday spreadsheet (you know you're in Delusional Holiday Crafting mode when you create an unachievable spreadsheet...)

Leonie said...

Yesterday while waiting for the results of your election I was talking to a small group of mum's to 5 year old's who all were hoping that the security on Barack Obama AND HIS FAMILY had better be huge if he wins because they all think it is only a matter of time until an assassination attempt. Now that he has won and is the President-elect we all hope he makes it through to January and for a very long time after, he is the best thing of that could have happened and we are so happy the voters got out and did a good thing for your country.

NeedleTart said...

Seriously, I sat and cried while I was listening to his speech last night (Yes, I was up at midnight). Tears in hope that we just might get to a country where we all count.
I'm in on the holiday spaz out.
When Elder Son was about the Goob's age he loved knock, knock jokes. Best one: Knock, knock. Who's there? Drill. Drill who? Drill Ghostbusters.
Great joke but it was followed by "Hammer Ghostbusters" and "Screwdriver Ghostbusters". One joke does not make a concept grasped.

Rose Red said...

Oh yes, the similarities between Obama and JFK are occuring to lots of people. Like everyone else I hope that the outcome is very very different.

Had little tears of joy watching his victory speech so can't imagine how exciting it is to actually be an American right now.

TinkingBell said...

Huurah!! I'm so glad you got rid of the moron who invaded Iraq 'cos they tried to shoot his pappy! (Notice - he didn't invade Saudi, even tho' most of the WTC bombers came from there - and so did Osama bin Laden - just sayin')
At least someone who knows there is actually a world outside your borders - and has actually lived in it!

And you missed out on Sarah P - nice one!

Heather said...

Totally agree on the JFK thing. Yikes!

Count me in on the craft panic - major sewing and knitting to accomplish!

My daughter is 17 and it's fascinating to watch her sway between independence and dependence (sometimes hourly). Every phase brings new thrills.

Anonymous said...

here is one for you

knock knock

who's there

smell ma

smell ma who?

Poo, I don't want to smell your poo


pawdua said...

Love the craft-along,cuz I haven't started teacher's gifts yet. Also loved the LOL cat, especially since I have two twenty week kittens. Can we say "Aqua you fucker" and "Zephyr you Fucker". Yes my cat is named for water. The terrier mix dog is Terra and my son wants to get a beta so we can name it Pyro. that's what Iget for having gifted offspring. just wait Goober will get you. I think fingerless mitts for the teachers this year. Plus some cool DVD's. I told the science teacher I'd supply an appropriate small animal for the class if she wants. Oh well, ratties here I come.

Emma M. said...

"All else aside, at least Obama's not a total fucking moron, like our current president."

This should be a bumper sticker. "OBAMA: at least he's not a total fucking moron."

Bells said...

Count me in for the spaz out. I've spent all morning planning how many projects I can get done by mid Dec.

Good take on the religious stuff. I have nothing else to add - just that I agree.

Hope the migraine goes son.

Anonymous said...

Last night I watched the news and I thought about a huge deal in 1920 that exactly half of the US population takes for granted now, women's suffrage. Then I thought about the civil rights movement 40 years later. I thought about my Republican friends and family, and how they think Obama is a radical. I think the changes he brings to our country will be taken for granted in 40 and 80 years.

I'm 21. I was 17 (and furious) in 2004, so this was my very first presidential election. For the first time since I was old enough to care, the president of the United States is smarter than me and someone I trust to make really big decisions. I trust Obama not go to war unilaterally. I trust Obama to rebuild the bridges Bush burned. I'm not terrified of the government stealing my civil liberties in the name of terrorism anymore. How much more hopeful could I get?

Jilly Bean said...

On religious voting:
WA had a death-with-dignity bill on our ballot that some were hotly opposing, mostly for religious reasons. Something about people dying at the hour chosen by God, not man.

Editor Dan Savage wrote something similar in this article, and I find I've been referencing it a lot recently:

"The proper response to religious opposition to choice or love or death can be reduced to a series of bumper stickers: Don't approve of abortion? Don't have one. Don't approve of gay marriage? Don't have one. Don't approve of physician-assisted suicide? For Christ's sake, don't have one. But don't tell me I can't have one—-each one—-because it offends your God."

Thankfully, we passed the measure to allow people to decide how they die for themselves.

On the JFK parallel: Yup. Quite a few of us around these parts have noticed that.

On craft-a-thon: hear, hear.

Amy Lane said...

I've already started the spaz out--I'll be happy to share my stories;-)

And all you said about politics...yeah, me too!

Big T used to try to be a 'stand up comedian' (remember, he's got the communication handicap). He once, at the age of 8, made me listen to a 10 minute tape of him reading knock knock jokes out of a book. About half-way through the tape, he got to one joke and just started laughing and laughing and laughing... turns out, that after reading the jokes for five minutes, he finally got to one that HE understood.

Sekhmet is a fucker--it's one of the things that makes the world go around:-)

Donna Lee said...

I'm in on the craft-spaz. I'm a good ways along on what I want to finish but I keep thinking of other things and the phrase "only 24 hrs in the day and you HAVE to sleep sometimes" keeps cropping up.

Sorry about the return of the migraine (sounds like a horror movie). And I agree with you on the voting thing. I personally don't care who/what you marry/fall in love with. Just take care of him/her/it and have a good life. Why should I expect the world to live according to my morals (especially since my dad thinks I don't have any!).

Roxie said...

Goober: The epicenter of wickedcute.

Craft spazout: I'm in!

Politics: We are going to be living in interesting times.

walterknitty said...

Like most everyone else I'm totally up for a holiday crafting spaz out. I've barely made a dent in my holiday knitting. As for the election, I never thought I'd see, in my lifetime, an African-American man become President. This country has such an ugly (not too distant) history of racism. It seems somehow fitting, considering that our Capitol was built using slave labour, that now an African-American man and his family will now be living there.