Monday, November 17, 2008

And for the Aussies reading...

I went out the other night for the supplies for my traditional 'goodie bag' I give my sister-in-law. It is always heavy on coffee (Kona this year) and chocolate (dark).

This year I got her a pack of Arnott's Biscuits. I will explain The Suck.

Heh heh heh.


Arianne said...

Kona coffee makes the best iced coffee. I don't know why but it tastes different from anywhere else.

And of course you can't get it in England.


Bells said...

Oh yeah. Do. Love the Suck. It makes the enjoyment even greater.

Word verfication today is weird: whisedom.

Courtney said...

If you think regular chocolate Tim Tams (what are called Arnott's here) suck you in, you should try Mint Slice. Yummy. Thank the fates both are available at my local Cost Plus World Market.

debsnm said...

omg omg omg! You *have to go to!!! THEY HAVE VIDEO!!!!!

Ginger_nut said...

The Suck??? (I'm an Aussie and I'm a bit stuck here)

Do you mean a "TimTamSlam" where you very carefully nibble opposite corners of the bikkie (cookie) and then use it as a straw for your coffee, enjoying the great taste while trying not to have your bikkie disintergrate into a soggy mess all over the place??