Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Re-opening the shop.

I know. Height of optimism, re-listing my stock in the middle of a massive recession. But my Knitty article goes live on/about December 1, and the only reason I wrote it was to advertise the shop and try to sell some of this stuff, so... It's costing about $8 to list everything I've got. One purchase will pay for that. Won't make a profit, but I'll be - barely - in the black. So what the hell. I've got the yarn listed now, and will be listing some handspun and a half-dozen balls of roving later today. And some ribbon flowers. And a scarf.

For those of you thinking, "Oh right. Carpet beetles, and now selling yarn? You must be insane if you think I'm buying." here's the storage method I've used from day one.

That's a sealed box - with a lavender sachet inside. It is always kept in the Yarn Closet, which is also crammed with lavender. And the majority of the yarns are sealed inside zip-loc bags (which is how I ship, so the Post Office can drop them in the mud and we don't care). I've been plowing through the Yarn Closet like the wrath of God(s) for most of the week and so far not a single carpet beetle has turned up. So the lavender works. I inspected the yarns closely before re-listing.

The only yarns that were ever nibbled, were yarns kept in dark corners, outside the yarn closet.

So the stock is safe.

If you buy anything from my shop, I'll send you a ribbon flower - color of your choice, so long as I've got the ribbon - fastened to your choice of pin, barrette, hair pin, or plain. Just leave a message for me when purchasing, in the little 'comments' window. I'll probably message or e-mail back about color choices, so make sure I can get in touch. I've got a shitload of ribbon here.

Otherwise, still knitting. I drew another line on the photo of Helmut, to show how close I am to finishing.

See the light blue line? I've got seven rounds to go. Probably won't get done before Thanksgiving, but it's giving me hope that I may get this and the sweater I've yet to finish done by Christmas. AAAAH!

Last night I was doing laundry, and the Goob eyed the laundry basket with some speculation and then told me "I could imagine that into a boat, real easy."

I'm spending the day cleaning and cooking and shelving books. We won't be doing Thanksgiving here until Saturday (that's when the in-laws get here; they're doing the long-but-fun route; they do 'real' Thanksgiving tomorrow with the hub's brother and his family, then on to us and Thanksgiving again on Saturday). We're swinging by some friends' house tomorrow to say hi and unload a cake (I want ONE SLICE - it is not going to stay in my house), and I need to find the office floor by Friday when the in-laws get here so they have somewhere to sleep.

Is it wrong to want to curl up under my chair and play Age of Wonders until it all goes away?


Amy Lane said...

Huzzah for reopening the shop! Of course I'm broke, but I used to cruise your shop for inspiration... I can go back and do that again:-)

(Of course she could imagine it into a boat--but she'll probably imagine it into a space ship or flower first...)

And my beef with post-modernism was the belief that since all literature is experiential anyway, and since the experience the writer put down was NOT the one the reader would come away with, then literature should be WRITER based instead of READER based. Which, it seemed to me, meant that people would write whatever the fuck they wanted and that the basics of plot, style, character, humanity, and coherence could be tossed out the window, because it didn't matter what you wrote as long as the WRITER understood it, so the reader was essentially FUCKED.

Hell, if I believed in that shit, why in the fuck am I teaching teenagers to write like human beings instead of chimpanzees with word processors?


Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to get that off my chest?

Robin said...

The shawl is extraordinary! Just beautiful!