Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sekhmet, you fucker.

The damned cat has figured out that the shawl is wool.

Wool is her favorite.

It begins with her laying on my lap, or the arm of the chair, with her face rubbing on the shawl as I knit.

Then, when I shift the shawl around as I knit, she sticks her head under.

And with each shift, she oozes further onto my lap, and further under the shawl.

Until she's fully tucked away, purring so hard my boobs rattle.


And then there's the Goob. (Can you tell I unloaded my camera again?)

She was given a box from some electronics we bought last weekend, and decided it was a cocoon.

Being THIS kid, she managed to scrounge up a plastic butterfly and tuck inside. So for four days it was "Oo. Wook. De cotoon is moovin. What in it?"

Then she'd pop it open, yell "A BUDDERFWY!"

And fly it up her father's nose.

I like that last bit.

Otherwise, I've done nothing but knit for two days. Finished six rounds (!) yesterday and five today. That's about nineteen thousand stitches. Yes, I'm getting obsessed over the stitch count.

Okay, okay, MORE obsessed.

Twenty-five rounds to go.


Mandy said...

Nineteen thousand stitches? Let me just say "AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" And how many more rows to go?

Amy Lane said...

'budderfwy!' Okay, that's so much better than my kid stories for the last three days... she's adorable, and dad is just little-finger-floss, isn't he? (Sekhmet is a fucker, but my daughter's cat also plans to take a life. We've been arguing over who Gordie's going to kill first all night.)

Bells said...

Cuteness abounds in your house I see! Cat and kid! That last photo shoving it up her dad's nose is fabulous.

Alacaeriel said...

with 19,000 stitches, I can understand you being fanatical about the stitch count! It sounds scary, too!

Donna Lee said...

My cats like to lay on top of whatever skein of yarn I'm currently using. They're not picky, just as long as it's the one I need. And if looks could kill, I'd be struck dead on my butt from the way they look at me as I try to unwind some yarn to work with.

And I'd be fanatical about that many stitches,too. I can't even imagine it. You are a crazy woman (but you knew that)

Roxie said...

Sekhmet is illustrating the parable of the camel's nose. And it ends with utter kitty bliss? How perfect!

Lessee, who taught her that budderfwys go up the nose?

Alwen said...

Aren't kids great? When they are not making you nuts, they are so much fun! (A lot like cats.)

Um - Helmut? I'm thinking you can keep 'im.

Galad said...

I'm knitting some socks with dark yarn right now and keep reminding myself that knitting cat hair in to them just provides a nice homey touch.

I am in awe of the work you have put in to this shawl. I don't think I would have the patience. I'll just enjoy the lace work vicariously for now.

Barbara said...

I wish I had "a cotoon wif a budderfwy" in it at my house. Even if it did fly up my nose. Or Durwood's nose. The Goob makes me miss my little kids. Now that they're all grown up I like 'em but they're not quite as much fun as the Goob. Goobie, Goobie, Goo!

My verification word is "sublor." That's the story behind the fairy tale.

Arianne said...

That is one cute (and clever!) kid.

*Ahem* I've signed on purposely to tell you something.

After reading through most of your blog in the last week (I'm on mid-August 2007)I am suffering an uncontrollable urge to knit a doily out of crochet cotton on tiny needles just like you. I have no idea why I need to do this all of a sudden. My feelings towards the whole doily thing have, until now, been "Oh, how mad. Awesome. But completely mad." And now? Well, I must be mad too.

So when we got a circular in the post from Lidl offering to sell me cheap crochet cotton at the local supermarket "in an array of colours" I thought "Ha, I could be like Julie and knit a doily." I laughed and put the circular on the counter and went about my business.

But I keep going back to the circular and now I've been googling doily patterns. I've been considering buying a copy of one of the Kinzel books.

Please help me...even if it's only to tell me where I can find a good, complicated but not insane doily pattern for free on the internet. (You know, before I buy myself 10 miles of crochet cotton and as many books as I can find...)

Also, I'd like to add:

Samurai, you fucker.

(But in a good way.)

P.S.- The fact that I still can't think of a single practical use for a doily as nobody I know really runs towards that type of decoration hasn't impeded my desire in any way.

ellen in indy said...

meanwhile, sekhmet's indiana twin, scruffy, has been trying to put all of his hefty self atop the mac mini computer for the faint warmth it emits. (for non-mac folks, it's not much bigger than a 2"-thick stack of cd jewel cases, so imagine a full-grown cat sitting/lying atop it . . . . )

he was extremely grouchy and vomiting bile for 3 or 4 days, including puking into the (spare, thankfully) computer keyboard, but now seems to be better. his nose is cool and damp once more, but he's not yet leaping tall furniture at a single bound.

Ginger_nut said...

you make my day... I'm here at work during my lunch break and trying not to make a fool out of myself by laughing too loudly - only holding it all in makes my eyes water and pretty soon someone is going to ask me if everything is ok...

Arianne said...

Not to flood the comments or anything but did you know that if you type "" into the address bar by accident you get biblecollegeonline?