Monday, November 03, 2008


Okay, okay, I know that's supposed to be tomorrow. But we picked up quite possibly the cutest slippers ever yesterday and now you're all stuck looking at them.

I was hoping to replace last year's beloved pig slippers. The Goober had outgrown them, and it soon became obvious that finding new animal slippers in her size was gonna be tricky. (Judging from what was available, every child the Goob's size wants to look like/be Miley Cyrus, but I find that hard to believe.) Anyway, just as I was about to give up hope, we hit the outlet mall, and found these.

Dragon slippers.

The backs - at the heel - have tails.

And I couldn't get a photo of it, but the nostrils have red LED lights in them, so that when the kid stomps her feet, the nostrils light up like the dragons are breathing fire. In fact, the top photo was taken mid-stomp. No luck. Probably the flash.

I so want a pair. (They aren't made in my size. I asked. The clerk knew they weren't available in adult sizes because she wanted a pair too and had checked.)

Best part of all? It was the outlet mall. We got them for less than ten bucks.

I have also had several major thoughts about the batik for my sis-in-law. You know, those huge revelations that leave you halfway between "Damn I'm smart" and "I must be a moron for not thinking of this sooner."

Revelation one, if I put a pattern just along one side of the fabric, that would give her the choice of where to put the pattern, and how. Plus it's easier to do - less measuring and less wrestling around of fabric, and not as much work space needed. Heck, if she doesn't like the pattern, she can cut around it altogether and not use it at all. It's an evenweave/tabby fabric, which gives her a lot more options on how to cut it, and it's a mid-weight cotton that could be used for anything from pajamas to pillows to a skirt.

Revelation two, MAYBE I SHOULD SEE WHAT STENCILS ARE COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE. (This was the 'damn I'm an idiot' revelation.) They're made for stenciling walls, but many of them can be used for wax application, and at the least, I might get some ideas. And I found the perfect edge.

It's about three inches wide, and I'll run it along one side of the fabric, then dye the rest dark green. Perfect.

Now all I have to do is get motivated about ironing ten yards of cotton.

I got some other stencils and some other types of wax while I was shopping, and experimented a bit. Famous last words, but I think I've got the hang of this.

So I'll dye some stuff today and see if it's working as well as I think.

Oh. And my migraine's better. Does it show? Hahaha. It's almost gone, and I think what's left of it will get gone with the use of Excedrin Migraine. The drugs the doc gave me work great, but DAMN.

Anyone remember the Dennis Leary routine about NyQuil? ("GREEN DEATH.") Well, the stuff he said about Big Fuckin' Q is really true about this migraine medication. Don't take it while you're standing up or you'll hurt yourself when you pass out and keel over. Wait. I found video. "Are you drunk? No. I have a cold. Same cold I've had for two years. My teeth are green and I'm high as a kite. Merry fuckin' Christmas."

Seriously, if you haven't ever heard Dennis Leary's NyQuil discussion, do watch. (On the other hand, if you're at work, don't click unless your co-workers have a sense of humor. There's quite a bit of profanity and drug reference. "I don't do cocaine any more. I do NyQuil.")

Still, beats a migraine all to hell. But I think I'm gonna start calling the new migraine med "Big Fuckin' Q."


Mandy said...

Dragon slippers! I want a pair too! My feet never have any fun!

I seem to recall another comedian doing a routine about Nyquil some years ago (I think it was John Pinette) where he called it the "coughing, sniffling, sneezing, stuffy head, what the hell am I doing on my kitchen floor? medicine". I still call it that - I love Nyquil!

Anonymous said...

One word about ironing 10 yds. Take it to the drycleaners and ask them to press it. That's what the bigtime quilters do!

Roxie said...

OK, if they don't make dragon slippers for grownups, then WE will make dragon slippers for grownups! Knit and felt, or fleece? How do we get the LEDs to light up? Anyone have a resource for waterproof soles?

Sarah said...

OMG - NyQuil - Soooooo funny. I not only watched it at work, but sent it to several co-workers. I only last year used NyQuil for the first time and . . . yeah . . . coma.

Sarah said...

Did they have any left and could you get me some for my monkeys? Awesome!!!
and a I watched David, friggin' hilarious.

Barbara said...

I can't do NyQuil, it makes me drive my car all over town. Everything that's supposed to make me sleep makes me jumpy. I hate my metabolism.

Love the dragon slippers. We could so make them, fleece or felt.

My verification word is "brath." Is that when you wash your bra?

Louiz said...

Fabulous slippers!

I don't think we get nyquil here, sounds like a shame, but we do have sudafed which made me hallucinate as a child!

Re the stencils, have you tried fabric paints/pens? Having used them with Kathryn, they're brilliant! put them on and leave them to dry, no more ironing (last time I used them you had to iron them to set them).

Plus, (a bit late) having a migraine today, I sympathise entirely with your reaction to the phone call.

Rose Red said...

Yep, I'm going to join the queue for the dragon slippers - OMG they are fantastic - especially the tail and the LED lights!!

Amy Lane said...

Dragon slippers-- Chicken wants them!

"I love you I love you you big fuckin' Q'-- one of the best stand-up routines EVER!!!

Anonymous said...


You know how I feel about prednisone, and I call that my crack fix. It's just a magical drug.

I love the edge for the fabric. Really pretty.

Hugs on the migraine, and I'm glad you're recovering quickly.

LOVE The slippers!! I'd want a pair.


Anonymous said...


You know how I feel about prednisone, and I call that my crack fix. It's just a magical drug.

I love the edge for the fabric. Really pretty.

Hugs on the migraine, and I'm glad you're recovering quickly.

LOVE The slippers!! I'd want a pair.


Alwen said...

Pseudoephedrine jazzes me up so much, gah! I can hardly stand it. They use it with lidocaine at the dentist for its synergistic effect, but sometimes I can get them to give me the straight lidocaine if it's going to be a short procedure. Otherwise, I feel like I'm trying to climb out of my own skin.