Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog security and anonymous comments.

Apparently it is time to have That Talk. You know, the one about the legal definition of harassment and all that shit? (Anonymous who bitches about my VK reviews is back. I'm tired of the personal attack style of comment. Everyone else, please feel free to ignore this completely or read for entertainment purposes, as you see fit.)

First off, though, I just want to state that anyone in the known universe is free to disagree with me in the public forum of my comments, or privately with my e-mail address which is posted right here on this blog for god and everybody to use. I don't expect people to agree with me all the time, and in fact find that kind of boring. And I also don't expect everyone in the known universe to have a Blogger account, but there's a difference between not having an account (I like how some of you guys sign your comments so I know who you are), and hiding behind 'anonymous' to be a cowardly pussy while you call someone names.

Incidentally, the only time in my life I left a rude comment on a blog, it was with my Blogger account firmly attached to it, leading straight back here with my name and contact information.

So, ultimately, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet just makes you an asshole.

That said, I'd like to point out it's the INTERNET. It isn't anonymous and never has been. I have a hit logger on this blog, that isn't documented anywhere on the page. Know what that means? I can go from the date and time stamp on comments, to my hit logger, to a MAP OF WHERE ALL THE HITS COME FROM and document from there. And I log the harassment. Because here in the US, 'harassment' is legally defined by each state, and in South Carolina, we've got probably the strictest stalking and harassment laws in the US. Basically, if it's repeated and I find it annoying, it's harassment. Details here. Granted, I'd have to claim 'emotional distress' to have the charge stick - does annoyance count as emotional distress? - but still, the pattern of behavior and intent to be malicious is right there both in the law and behavior.

Anonymous, I've got your comments logged. And incidentally, they aren't disagreement. They're personal attacks. That goes to the harassment definition, legally. I've logged all the ISP numbers attached to where your comments came from, and I have you nailed down to a single city block in a large city in Alberta, Canada. The block is bordered on the north by 107th Ave and on the west by 105th St. I assume you're at the city college that is there; your behavior and attitude are certainly juvenile enough. If I get bored all I have to do is hand over the ISPs and the comments to the FBI and let them go hunt you down and give you a stern warning. I'm sure the school would be thrilled when their computer servers are subpoenaed.

So. Either shut the fuck up, or have the guts to open a dialogue and discuss. One or the other. Because the cowardice and whining are getting really old. And what in hell is an arbiter of fashion doing in goddamn Alberta, anyway?

Oh. And grow the fuck up.

(Apologies to every other blog reader I've got.)


historicstitcher said...

I don't always agree with you. I don't always agree with everyone else on the internet. If we did agree with everyone, we'd lose the incredibly diverse expanse of the internet!

Regular reader here, not offended.

Do whatever you have to do to protect your freedom to post. It's your blog. Enjoy it.

Not a single one of us is forced to read it.

p.s. Will you chow me how to add a hit counter to my blog, too?

Amy Lane said...

Gettem, Julie...smash em, squash em--bite their heads!!!!

*ahem* Well done--I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get too violent.

(spamword--water --seriously!)

Bells said...

Blerg. I know the comments you are referring to and they shit me. They are unproductive, snarly and downright pointless.

Good work. Someone had to say it.

Verification word is ingederb. I think that sounds funny.

Regenia said...


Rachel said...

Oh, I do love a well-delivered smackdown.

Leonie said...

That is so cool that you can actually track them down, I bet they thought they were way more anonymous than that!
They obviously have nothing better to do with their time than annoy someone else, if they are at college maybe they need another major....either that or you may just be part of a social experiment that they are running to see how far you would go to deal with their comments!!

Shea said...

Go get'em gal! I love that people have no friggin' clue about your being able to track them. I actually did a post on my blog approximately a year ago on how to do this. I haven't needed to use it yet though. But good for you for sticking up for your rights!

Emily said...

I am appalled to think that someone out there feels entitled to attack you personally. Why? Disagreement over opinions about Vogue, for God's sake? I am GLAD you can track the stuff.

About Vogue, by the bye: your reviews are side-splitting. Right after I've read one, I see everything thru your eyes for at least an hour, and so the mirth continues.

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk you anonymous commenter, leave our blogger alone! I am sending you angry looks from Australia!
Historicstitcher, is great because you can have it set to invisible so unless someone is poking around to see what you have people won't know it's there. I heard good things about the google stats as well but I haven't used it so can't personally vouch for it.

Tesha said...

Well damn hun, you just get fans everywhere you go don't ya? heh


NeedleTart said...

If you want to push the emotional damages thing, you could bring up that raising your blood pressure has *got* to be bad for your migranes (sic).
Also, not offended. Put 'em in their place.
Verification: parralap. It that a parallel universe with cushy seating?

Courtney said...

I don't normally comment, but I gotta chime in here--no apologies are necessary for laying the verbal smack down on Anonymous. I am delighted, not offended, by your words. Yay for Julie and the hit logger!

And Anonymous, you really need to get a life. Spend more time knitting. If you feel the urge to yell at Julie, stab pillows with your straight needles instead.

an said...

umm, I'm really sorry that someone is attacking you right now like that.

This is a little surreal, because I go to that school (but I'm at a different campus, yay for the old ugly orange building! not the nice new downtown campus!) and I live in this town, and all I can say is, I love your reviews - they are sarcastic description at its best.

Louiz said...

Hey, go for it, you know my opinion of internet trolls. Find a bridge and... throw 'em to the traffic above. And may I say, very nice putdown.

Susan said...

Well there goes the Canadian reputation for being nice! She must be an
The world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things all the time but I can't stand gutless individuals who hide. Anonymous comments belong in the garbage!
I love sharing your daily climb through life. Enjoy each day with the Goob's antics. One day you'll turn around and she will be fretting she is going to be 40!!
London On
knittin' over here...

Anonymous said...

Good for you for actually doing something about these nasty anonymous comments that seem to plague the internet these days!

But take it easy on Alberta, please. I think you've got quite a few Canadian readers, eh?

-Pibble in Canada

Donna Lee said...

I'm not sure why people in this time think they can remain truly anonymous. And why would anyone not feel free to disagree with what you said? Unless you have powers of which I am unaware....Disagree away, but keep the personal attacks to yourself. There are websites that "rate" blogs and they can be pretty nasty. I'm not sure why people find things that tear others down entertaining but these are popular.

Alwen said...

It is good to be Queen! Er, Geek.

Verification word, amittyl, either "amity" or what the heck, maybe "Amityville" as in Horror!

Roz said...

What an idiot. Every time we go online, we leave little tracks.

Go get 'em, Julie.

debsnm said...

I'm just wondering what took you so freakin long?!?!?! Assholes piss me off every time!