Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not the only nutball in this house.

First off, I've got PMS, and the husbeast just walked up and asked "Want me to go get you some potato chips? Or maybe a salt lick?"

So he's a nutball and a smartass.

Fits right in.

Yesterday, well, we used to have this collander. It wasn't a bad collander, but using it meant rearranging half the kitchen because it was big and unwieldy and annoying. The husbeast has hated it intensely and talked for a while about replacing it. Eventually, last week, he got the replacement collander. So yesterday he took the other one out to the driveway, and drove over it. With his Suburban.

Then he hung it on the wall in his garage.

Right next to the 'One Way' sign he accidentally backed a semi over, when we lived in Hawaii. (To this day he swears the sign commit suicide by jumping in front of the truck.)

But he's getting me potato chips.


Erica said...

No chocolate? That is my magic PMS food; well, that and deep fried food!

Mandy said...

I carbo load, so potato chips would be just fine. Cinnamon sugar toast is even better.

historicstitcher said...

Awesome. There's a stop sign in my garage. I have no idea where it came from, but it's been around for ages, and has been "inherited" by every teenager to come through the house in the last 20+ years...

My kitchen colander is the same one, only glazed white. I love it.

And just for kicks, my word recognition random letters spell uploides. I would define that as the hemorrhoids you get while waiting for a picture to upload to blogger over slow speed connection. :P

Donna Lee said...

My brother has a suicidal tree that jumps in front of cars backing out of his driveway, or at least that's what my husband claims as he explained the dent in the back of his car.

Sarah said...

I like that he hung the colander on the wall as a warning to other kitchen utensils lest they get uppity.

Roxie said...

Trophies! BOys love trophies!

How many women with PMS does it take to change a light bulb? Just ONE, alright?!!

Amy Lane said...

ROFLMAO! Exasperation art--I LOVE it.

When mate and I were young, I had this electric typewriter that weighed a bloody ton and broke down every finals week like clockwork. HATED it. Our first purchas on credit was one of those old word processors that ONLY did word processing--had a little tiny screen, but we loved it. Our first order of business was to take the big mama typewriter to work (TGIFridays) and throw that fucker in the trash compactor. And then press the big red button. hee hee hee hee hee hee... (We were broke. Small pleasures...)

TinkingBell said...

I liked spaz along (when my kids have tantrums, nervies and generally go booyah insane - they have spaz attacks) - The people who uesed wo be labelled with spasticity? They have cerebal palsy these day - or are developmentally challenged.

I'd go grab the previous button gif it's still available, if I was technically adept, and If I could be arsed making anything for anyone this christmas.