Sunday, October 05, 2008

Summer. The new winter.

Yesterday afternoon, the Goober and I went out and gave everything on the back porch a scrub down, from the chairs and table to her toys and sand box. About halfway through, I thought "Haven't I done this before? Recently?" and I realized, I had. Cleaning the porch off has become a bi-annual occasion, instead of an annual one like it was further north. This spring, in March, I cleaned off the porch, we spent the next two months out there, and then it got hot. Really hot. I got heat exhaustion at one point (one step below heat stroke). So we spent four months not going outside unless we had to, and now it's cooled off and we're back to pleasant weather and out to the porch again. I was brooding on this as I scrubbed, and relized, even in winters in Ohio, I didn't huddle inside like I do here, unless the temperature hit ten below zero (-20 C). Isn't that nice? I prefer Lake Effect Snow to summers in this swamp. (I used to tell friends about Lake Effect Snow when I lived in Hawaii, and they didn't believe me. But I've seen those thirty inch/60cm overnight snowfalls. Still prefer it to anopholes mosquitos and cockroaches.)

Anyway. Gearing up for the second outdoor season, which usually means laying around on my porch swing, knitting, while the Goob plays in her sandbox.

Somehow I had managed to miss that it's October. I actually had the thought, last night "Well, it'll be October in a few weeks, and... oh, fuck.". This means three months left for all holiday crafting. I've got two major projects to get done - a sweater and a shawl. The sweater is about half done. The shawl is about one third. I also want to spin and weave three scarves, but compared to knitting a 210 round shawl, that'll probably go faster. But I'm insane and need to get off my ass. Should be fun around here for the next couple months.


Alwen said...

psssst! It's October!

Speaking of lake effect, when we first moved into this house, it was the 26th of January and we hit the very end of the January thaw. The next day we had a blizzard and got two feet of snow. Thank you, mischievous little weather gods!

Amy Lane said...

Insanity actually helps! I'm not making anything for Christmas this year. If I finish some shit in time, I'll give it, but otherwise, nuh-uh. I've got a frickin novel to do, dammit!