Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another hint.

After repeated Google searches off and on for most of the day, I have found exactly ONE - as in ONE - web site containing information about and pictures of the linocut thingie. And I knew what I was looking for. This includes searches on several 'international symbol dictionary' type sites. I'm rather impressed with myself - I knew they were obscure, but not THIS obscure.

If anyone's near a library, y'all might want to hit some books. Even if you don't find THIS information, I'm sure you've all learned many fun things, already. Like maps of public toilet facilities in Australia.

Oh, and Alwen, a search of Google Books turned up nothing USEFUL, but cracked me up all the same. Remind me when the contest is over, I'll tell you the whole story.


Leonie said...

the X shaped cross with balls on the ends is apparently a musical notation. On the symbol 11:3 is A cross sign called button cross in Christian symbolism.
When this sign is turned 45 degrees it becomes a cross used in musical notation before the note sign, called a double cross. As such it is also drawn 0903, 5101, or 4525. It indicates that following note or notes should be played two half-tones higher than the note signs' positions show.

Brewgal said...

I'll just admit defeat right now because I won't have time to look more this week. It's a combination of the Phoenician letter t' (teth) with some other symbol. Looks a bit like something you'd see in welding instructions.

Louiz said...

I'm not likely to find out anything other than what leonie has also found - given that I'm not likely to get to a library this week:( But I will keep trying and maybe I'll find this 1 page (yeah, I know... not likely).