Saturday, October 18, 2008

The lino-cut isn't bad, either.

...though the photo SUCKS. Good grief. This is traditional arty print-making, with real supplies, not a cool whip lid, an exacto knife, and a sponge with ink. The white block is special lino-cut stuff, that's like a super-soft eraser. I've got a couple V-shaped knives I cut it up with. Then I used an ink roller (a real one, not something improvised out of aluminum foil and a paper towel roll, though that's how I'd do it if it came to that) to lay on ink, flipped it over, and pressed it to the paper. Think glorified rubber stamping.

If anyone can identify the symbol, there, I'll send you some of my stockpiled shop stock - we'll negotiate what, but the choices include yarn, dyed roving, and a shitload of ribbon flowers. Plus I'll be so amazed you could knock me over, because this symbol's really obscure. Hell, I'll even give all of you a hint. It's a combination of two symbols.

Otherwise, I'm gearing up for the famed Vogue Knitting review. I went through the site last night and skimmed off all the photos. This time they've actually got photos for every single pattern. Could it be they heard someone bitching about how they only show photos of the decent stuff?? Anyway, I got more and more disgusted as I went through, saving all the photos, and I started giving the photos unedited names, so if you're hard to offend, you might want to check out the names of the photos, when I post the review. (To do that, just park the cursor over the photo, and at the way bottom of your browser window you'll see a jumble of HTML code with PHOTONAME.jpg at the end. Warning; I actually edit myself when I do the reviews, and I didn't last night when I was saving these stupid pictures.

So now, off to get to work on the VK review. Yay.


Sarah said...

Hopi sign for balance (it's also Norse), the other sign I'm not sure on, I'm researching it.

Barbara said...

Hmm, looks a bit like a Crusader's Cross in an unholy alliance with something Asian. I'll keep looking.

Brewgal said...

It looks like a stylized version of a Masonic Cross.

Brewgal said...

More specifically, a Teutonic Cross

Amy Lane said...

Wow--so much to talk about.

I love the Fiesta ware-- we live on three different sets of Corelle--I'm probably the only woman in the planet who can break that shit.

The big lace thing is looking awesome.

My grandma's china hutch is more or less intact, but my stepmom (whom my grandma never did approve of, right up until stepmom was the one taking care of her, and suddenly grandma saw the light. Stubborn old bitch.) is adding more and more ugly salt and pepper shakers to it. It's great--I hope my step sister gets it, because I'm death on heirloom stuff.

The batiking is hella cool. And I'm REALLY looking forward to the VK review!

Louiz said...

I thought it was a maltese cross but it's got straight lines.

I bet it's a Japanese style cross and an electrical symbol. Even if I can't back that hunch up with actual.. you know, proof!