Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's good to have friends.

I don't know why I keep forgetting to tell this story, but my birthday seems a fine time.

There is an on-line chat room I've been hanging out in for oh, five, six years easy. So I think of a lot of the 'regulars' there much the same way as I think of my blog readers; on-line friends. (If you are desperate to know where to find said chat room, e-mail me. We'll talk.)

Well. One of the friends is a guy who runs a book store out in the midwest. Over the years I've given him a bit of advice on what knitting books to stock, and how to deal with Knit Night in the cafe of his store, things like that. So, a couple weeks ago, he e-mailed and asked for my address. He was at a book convention, and someone had been handing out knitting books and no one had been too interested. He thought of me, and figured heck, no matter how bad it sucked, it was free, right?

So I sent him my addy, and a week later, what appears in my mail box?

It's good to have friends.

PS. The book is really good, but I'm a long-time fan, so I'm biased. More patterns and less chat than the first book, but the patterns are really cool. So it's all good. The Goober wants me to knit Emma Peel for her.


Rose Red said...


The Goob will look great in Emma Peel - love it!

Lauralness said...

Happy Birthday!

I've been bad and still haven't purchased the first one. I'm definitely getting this one!

Donna Lee said...

Happy Birthday. I often wish I could have my 18 year old body with my 50 year old brain. Damn, that would be good. I love a good knife and own two henkels. I wouldn't pay what the chefs pay either. I have two that I use constantly and as long as I keep them sharp, they work just fine.

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Isn't it amazing how you can make friends online like that. Oh, and happy birthday!