Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gonna be a good day.

Just spent half an hour on the phone making a doc's appointment ("I want someone who is going to listen to me, not cling to a piece of paper and quote statistics at me.") and picking out the seam I sewed on the hex jacket yesterday. Half an hour to sew the seam, half an hour to pick it out.

But I'm pretty sure my fix-it idea will look. AND possibly help the fit.

I'm making a batik stencil from the disposable plastic lid of a Cool Whip bowl. Bet the Phoenicians did the EXACT SAME THING. (Okay, okay, but I bet they didn't run out to the craft store and pay good money for a sheet of stencil plastic, either.)


Amy Lane said...

Sounds like a good day! (Check out the link on my blog-- I caught a Phineas and Ferb yesterday that NEEDED to be shared:-)

TinkingBell said...

Aaargh - I scored 11 on your test (hurrah for self selection and I really couldn't be assed with the pink ones I hate pink!)

I have one bright (lazy) child and one gifted one. I was gifted, bored out of my brain at high school and got expelled (I don't think it was the fact I was truanting and running a book on who could make the student teachers cry first) The boy is just 4, adding and subtracting, some multiplying, readin and spelling and inventing machines - his kindy teacher is going to have SUCH fun! (They are going to the local catholic school - it has higher standards and less resources than the local public one!

Alwen said...

I'm sure the Phoenicians did, too! It was just their equivalent of a Cool Whip bowl lid.

Emily said...

Re doctors: I have a weird variation of COPD (chronic obstructive lung disease. What I've learned I have to do with any new doctor is TYPE everything about my illness on one sheet of paper, concisely,with bullet-points set-up. Doctors generally are much more comfortable with printed info than with spoken...in fact, I've seen their eyes glaze over when I try to speak. They're being rushed thru their schedule, they have not even glanced inside your folder, and I suspect they're tired. The online COPD support group I'm in recommends that we keep this info with us at all times in case of emergencies. Which I should do...sigh. Apart from that, I read your blog daily, for news of the Goob & of your amazing doings. ....MLE