Thursday, October 23, 2008


Just a quick note to say, the inevitable has happened here, and, well, AAAAAAAAH!

It finally clicked in my head today. Two months until Christmas.

None of the crafting is done yet. Some of it isn't even started. (Though I have put a major dent in the shopping.)

Of the three major projects - shawl, sweater, and handspun and woven scarves (three scarves, but I'm counting them as one project 'cause I'm gonna warp the loom super-long and weave all three at one whack), the first two are half done. And the sweater is on size eight needles, which means finishing the other half won't take forever - I could probably crank it out in a week, and should.

I'm still test-spinning the carbon fiber for the scarves. I haven't even begun the real spinning. I'm told the weaving will go fast once the loom is set up, and setting up a twelve-inch-wide fabric shouldn't be too time consuming. But still. Oh, and I should also do some more practice weaving before I start on the good stuff.

The knitted and felted bag hasn't been started.

The fabric I want to hand-dye for my sister-in-law to sew into whatever she wants, isn't started. Though I do have all the materials. Hmm. Perhaps I should get on that today. Like, right now. (Step one is weighing and then washing it two or three times.)

The other possible knitted and felted bag (which has always lurked at the back of my head as a possible, nothing for sure) likely isn't happening.

Beaded anything, which was also a lurking idea, is also probably not happening.

Did I mention, AAAAAAAAAH!

Bells and her friends are posting about their favorite knitted projects. I'll be doing that later, once I decide what my favorite was/is.



Donna Lee said...

Thanks for the pressure, Julie! I actually have 4 pairs of socks made for gifts and am working on two others. Just a few more pairs to go. Yes, everyone is getting socks. I chose patterns and yarns to suit them and I can work on them anywhere.

Bells said...

I hadn't twigged how close it was until I read this just now. Thanks for that!

Oh and do post your favourite. I'll be intrigued to see what it is.

Lauralness said...


I'll forage through my mom's attic for my one and only batik. It was fun but took days to do. Dying from light to dark with a day of air drying in between. But when it was time to put it in black it was almost, if not entirely, encrusted with wax. I crumpled the fabric up before throwing it in the black dye. Then I used newspaper to iron off the wax.

Alwen said...

(wicked evil laughter)

You are fun to read when you're making yourself nuts. But try not to make yourself so nuts you can't blog about it, okay?

(Weird, my verification word is "cherps".)

Anonymous said...

When I read the title I thought you had found the missing penny.



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