Monday, October 27, 2008

Snag #1.

(This is primarily for the spinners and weavers out there, but I'm sure everyone will get the joke. Except me.)

"Okay... eight warp threads per inch for scarves twelve inches wide, that's ninety-six warp threads I need. Ten yards long, so I can get three six-foot scarves out of it easily, without worrying about loom waste. That's..."

Pause to check my decimal places.

"Nine hundred and sixty yards of yarn just to warp the loom. Oh. Fuck."

Maybe I'll buy the warp. That might speed things up a little.

Where'd I put the martini shaker...


Alwen said...

There's a reason that knitting, it is to love.

Once upon a time I wound an 11-yard linen-blend warp at 24 epi and 30 inches wide so I could weave tabby yardage. Boy. Crazy days.

(Verification words have gone weird, word-like, and relevant-feeling: snuclog)

Louiz said...

ah. oh. mmm. Bother!

And my verification word is bhollaed, sounds relevant too!

Margo said...

Sorry if you can hear me chortling; I grew up in a house that was perpetually covered in warps of that length - they'd wind from the dining room, make a loop through the kitchen, down the hall, up the stairs, and end up in the attic entry. I got used to carefully ducking under the proceedings.

My word came up as "pandendu" which does sound strangely like what happens when you wind a warp - you know, the things you use as weights to maintain the tension?...

historicstitcher said...

I cheat on the warp-winding part - I have a warping mill. One of the OLD ones. There are pics on my blog, but I recently wound 500 threads 20 yards long for the Christmas Towels, and didn't have to run up and down any stairs to do it! (Well, except when I forgot to bring a couple cones down to the basement where the mill is...)

And my word verification is pstings, like they forgot the 'o' in postings! (or as in urine stings, but that's kind of weird...)

TinkingBell said...

Fleted bag - mason dixon buttonhole bag - love that sucker- 3 hour knit - felts like the clappers and looks great - everyone love it!

Go the Mason Dixon buttonhole! (SIL love it when filled with stuff! - trake my word!)

Amy Lane said...

*snork* Pesky math. It's screwed us all over more than once! (fierped is my verification word. That sounds like something!)