Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jumble o stuff.

Went shopping today. At the craft store. And the fabric store. And on line with Lacis. Last of the supplies for the Christmas stuff (I'm branching out from knitting this year, into bag and hat making, and there is a possible kimono happening). Hopefully the husbeast won't stroke out when he sees the receipts. Though with some of his car purchases, well, wah.

Got a styrofoam head for hat blocking and modeling. I'm calling it Priscilla, or Prissy for short. From Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Just because. It seems appropriate. And speaking of, am I supposed to name my spinning wheel? Everyone seems to be... I was just thinking of painting it or something.

Talks with the husbeast have narrowed down the family crest (Japanese style) to a few good ideas; the other shape will be a sort of hexagonal gear, symbolizing the engineering geekiness of the husbeast and probably Goober; the hexagon will symbolize both hex nuts that hold the world together, and the hexagonal notation used for organic chemistry, which kind of defines everything I do (dyes, plant stuff, cooking...) Inside will be a six-pointed star of needles of all types, overlaying a peanut flower (get it? Goober? Peanut?) I do appreciate the cat with a flame thrower suggestion, but I'll be lucky to sneak the Sekhmet cartouche into the thing somewhere; the husbeast and Sekhmet don't get along too well.

I am on round 86 of 206 of a giant shawl thingie for someone, for something. By my estimates, I have 816 stitches on the needle right now, and by the time the madness is over, I'll have 1728 going. That's a new record. Before this insanity, the most stitches I ever had on a needle at one time was about 1200. Right now it takes me about half an hour to knit a round. Which means I'll be close to an hour and a half per round, toward the end. Why in hell do I do this stuff?

On a related note, I have informed the husbeast he is getting me some more German lace patterns from Lacis; I have ordered them and will give the shipping box unopened to him for wrapping. We're such a romantic pair. (But I get what I want.)

Anyone know of anywhere I can buy silk or rayon twill in 14 to 16 inch wide bolts?


TinkingBell said...

Love kimonos:hate bugs - Hong Kong (where we lioved for a while has 4 inch long unkillable cockroaches - urgh!

I have a yakuta, and a garment for which I do not know the name. It is a quilted short jacket, ties at the front, warm and extremely cool. Mine is stripy red on the outside and rayony stuff on the inside, padded. warm. love it - have no idea of the name - bought it my first trip to Japan, down a back alley from a lady whos english was as good as my japanese. Let me know if you know the name!

Amy Lane said...

Okay--speaking of bugs, I just read something about ticks and spain that made my blood curdle. I'm done with bugs... eww!

And I'm insanely jealous. I've got a troup of kids coming in as I type, and I can't even remember what creative thing I'm supposed to be doing with them RIGHT NOW--all of your plans are awesome!