Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stash used up.

By my traditional method; knit something, felt it, throw it away. In this case it was a cowboy hat for the Goober that I spent a month knitting at. Shot to hell. This is, what, five, six destroyed felt projects? I'm not getting better at felting, but I'm getting better at the emotional response - I mentally kiss the project goodbye when I put it in the washer, so if it turns out all right (like the crowns) I am pleasantly surprised. I do think I know what went wrong with the hat, though, and will be trying again. Because I'm insane like that. Raving.

Odd end note to the whole thing, though. After I'd thrown it away, the husbeast spotted it in the trash and asked me about it. I said "It's shit." and apparently said it with quite a twang, because he accused me of listening to too much British punk music. He says it came out sounding like Iggy Pop. "I's shi'." Good to know I've picked up yet another acccent on top of the others to confuse the hell out of people. Next will be German, between the lace and the Rammstein.

Anyone on Etsy know anything about changing shop names? I'm thinking of shifting the name, but I want to keep all my seller statistics, like how people are happy with me. I've been poking around Etsy with no luck... anyone know any secrets, or should I just e-mail them and beg for help already? I was thinking "Samurai Knitter" doesn't really sum things up, with all the branching out I'm doing. But, hell, I could always call it "Samurai Knitter Gone Mad" or something. Truth in advertising, at the least. "Craft Ho" would work, as in I'll make anything for money, but it lacks dignity.

Then again, when did I ever worry about dignity?

And since there haven't been any photos around here lately, uh, let me find something.

That's the two pounds of wool I bought to dye, in the process of being separated into more reasonable hunks. (So far I have dyed two hunks, one in colorway Swamp Thing and one in colorway Purple Trainwreck.) The legs of my office chair can be seen in there, for scale. I'm using this for practice so I don't destroy the GLORIOUS wool that Bells sent me as a gift.

And if anyone has noticed my typing skills have taken a major nose-dive lately, the keyboard on my laptop appears to be crapping out (in a way this is good; at first I was afraid it was my HANDS). Unfortunately I don't think we can replace it until after Christmas, and at that point I'm thinking to hell with it, buy a new computer. (It's been six years since I had a new computer and I'm running into the inevitable problems as programs outstrip my computer's ability to run them. Civ 4 is pissing me off big-time.)

And, uh, I bought beads yesterday. I'm telling myself stringing them is good physical therapy. Which it is, but... I think I need a twelve step program. Anyone know of a bead-quitting intervention?

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candiedfabrics said...

I'm pretty sure that you can't change your shop name without losing all your stats, etc... at Etsy. I did some research about that when I went from being a buyer to a seller, so I didn't mind losing the 3 good comments. But, I may, of course, be wrong!

Candy in CA