Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick update from the land of annoyance.

Ran by the pharmacy today to pick up my medications perscribed during the clusterfuck on Wednesday and while I was there asked a few questions. Learned some interesting stuff.

-Even though I asked for a DOCTOR when I made the appointment, I was sent to a physician's assistant. No wonder the woman was a moron. She IS a moron. So is the jackass in appointments. (For those new around here, the last time I wound up with a PA, I was after a refill for anti-inflammatories and was cut off ALL my medication and sent out for drug tests. It took me seven months to straighten out from that experience. I've been on a PA boycott since then.)

-The thyroid levels that dumbass told me were too high? They are, in fact, right slap in the middle of the 'normal' range. Or possibly too low, depending on whose scale and whose suggestions you follow. I will NOT be changing my dose until I talk to someone else. Especially since I have all the symptoms of low thyroid output.

-The drug combo the PA had a hissy about? (Ultram and an anti-inflammatory.) It IS okay to take them together; not as a regular thing, but on the occasional bad day it's all right. I've been taking Ultram as a supplement painkiller with anti-inflammatories since 1999, and had never before in my life heard it was bad to take them together once in a while. Yet more dumbassery.

I'm going to be demanding a chronic pain specialist AND an endocrinologist. I'm sick of this shit. And that means having to see yet another dumbass first, to get the recommendations. Bah.


The Octagonal Thing is at round 112 and looks much the same as the jellyfish photo I posted, what, Monday?

The Goob got a box of beads in the mail and has taken to carrying them about in a bucket.

She takes them out, puts them on, puts them back in the bucket, and off she goes. "Wook, mumma, beads."

I did a bunch of test dyes with the new stuff today; I've got the hang of it, but you know that part where they say to wear rubber gloves? They aren't kidding. I need about a quart of moisturizer.

Tomorrow, batik. The husbeast is already bitching about the smell of melting bees' wax.

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Amy Lane said...

Fucking PA's. (I don't trust doctors anymore either--I'm right with you!)

But the bead thing was really cute!