Thursday, October 30, 2008


There has been a lack of photos around here lately, and complaints were registered, so I just wandered around the house snapping random photos of things in progress and now you get to suffer.

More carbon fiber spinning is under way:

The other night I pulled a nearly invisible thread of carbon fiber out of my eye. It was about three inches long. Lovely experience. Can't wait 'til I'm through with this crap and can spin up the looooovely wool Bells sent me from Australia instead.

Last night I dyed some wool for the shop: idea how that will spin up. Likely an overall violet color, from what I know of optical mixing. And I'm dyeing more, now:

Either that or I'm stewing brains for Halloween. You never know.

I'm still doing practice projects for the whole batik deal. I made a scarf with the universal lace code of 'yarnover, decrease one' in knitting symbols on it (exactly how the symbols read depends on what side of the scarf you're looking at; I deliberately put the symbols every which way).

And I'm in the middle of stenciling some wax onto a scarf to do some Celtic knotwork, using that Cool Whip lid I cut up a while back:

I have found that the smell of bees' wax, when it is hot enough for the batik process (it has to soak into the fibers, not cool off when applied and sit on the top) makes me want to puke up my toenails. Opening the window to allow ventilation makes the wax cool weirdly, and causes further problems. Quite a good time, let me tell you.

It is taking Google For. Ever. to load these goddamn photos. I think it's more scheduled outrage.

There is still a bug on my ceiling:

And the Goob's latest game is to slip out of bed when she's supposed to be napping, and hide behind the door so people can't find her when they come looking.

It's a miracle she hasn't wound up with a busted nose yet. So she gets yelled at and put back to bed, and the game starts all over again.

Today we've been at it for an hour and a half. Still no nap. I'm about to give up, but I don't want the little shit to think she's won. (Which she has. Little shit.)

The shawl looks the same as it did the last damn time I posted a photo, but here it is.

And my living room looks like this.

The Goober is allowed out of bed to play quietly in her room. I'm a sucker.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I could last any longer than you have. She has the most beautiful smile I'd give in the first time.


Donna Lee said...

I had a no-nap child. They are the hardest to raise. They are so curious (nosey) people and can't stand not to see what's going on. I compromised by letting her read in bed during "nap time". I was spinning baby camel/silk and got some onto my face and onto my eyelashes. It took forever to get all the slippery, thin pieces off my eyes.

Bells said...

Oh vibrant colours and cute kid shots. Nice.

That long fibre...eww!!

Louiz said...

Kathryn "hides" in her bed, under the covers, shouting "you can't find me, I'm hiding" which sort of defeats the point!

The fabrics look fantastic by the way and ick on the long strand in the eye thing:(

historicstitcher said...

I used to lie in bed with my kid and hold him down until he fell asleep out of boredom. If I didn't do it he was cranky bear all day for lack of nap, and if I did I felt like some weird form of child abuse...I had to hold down arms and legs and pretend to fall asleep while holding him tightly to keep him from waving a hand in the air solely to keep himself awake.

Good times.

Wait till you start pulling those fibers out of your mouth when you're eating. Or the food. When you weren't even spinning that day.

Roxie said...

There is something to be said for swaddling children who don't know how to calm themselves. Maybe you could tuck her in really, really tightly . . . or sit in the room with her till she falls asleep (like you have nothing better to do for an hour. At least you could knit.)

Alwen said...

Oh, I love pulling semi-invisible things out of my eye, if only for the relief of not having them in there any more. (Black dog's undercoat, usually.)

That does look amazingly like stewed brains - you aren't feeling like staggering around with both arms out, are you?