Friday, October 31, 2008


After another round with my new doctor that resulted in eight migraine pills that were supposed to get me through six weeks until I could see a neurologist that I didn't need, I finally got smart and did what any sick mom should do.

Made an appointment with the Goob's pediatrician.

He's 'family practice', which means I'm not the first adult he's ever treated. And since he started off the appointment by apologizing for my treatment by the other doctor, I gather he's not too thrilled with her, either. (He had the proper doctor reaction. "Person hurt. Me fix.") Anyway, he hooked me up with enough meds to hopefully get the migraine turned back off. (Two weeks ago I could have probably turned off the migraine with three pills. Now, after two weeks out of control, I probably need to stay drugged all weekend.) Anyway. He gets it, and he did is best. If this medication doesn't work, I'm to call him Monday and we'll try something else. He gives a damn and he's trying. That's all I ask. So I'm happy. (Plus he also agreed that I don't need a neurologist; I've had these migraines since I fractured my skull when I was seven. How's that for a significant event? I did promise to go see him if the symptoms changed.)

Plus I'm drugged to the gills, and can feel the migraine backing off; the pain lessens every time the meds wear off. That's a good thing.

So to distract myself from being in pain and having to hang on to walls to walk (I can't take the Imitrex-style vasoconstrictor drugs 'cause of my high blood pressure, so instead I get the controlled substances), I finished dyeing the stewed brains from yesterday. They're actual earth tones, green and brown. Those of you used to seeing me turn out carnival colors may swoon at the shock of it.

Tonight we took the Goob out trick-or-treating in her princess dress that she got for her birthday. This is it, if you don't remember:

I didn't take a photo tonight because I had to put it on her over a long-sleeved tee shirt and sweat pants and tennis shoes so she wouldn't freeze to death. The girl across the street was also dressed as a fairy princess (in a better costume, if you ask me), and was quite put out that there was another fairy princess on the block. I overheard her telling her brother with some annoyance that the OTHER princess (the Goob) was cuter.


Oh, and the teenagers down the block at the corner were smoking some PRIMO weed when we stopped in for candy. I almost asked them to pass the bong, but reason prevailed. (Yeah, I need that on top of the other medication.) I am also cool because I let all the other kids in the 'hood know that they were passing out peanut butter cups.

I did get some knitting done in the waiting room at the pharmacy today. Geez. Talk about strange looks. You'd think I was practicing voodoo or dissecting small mammals instead of knitting something. Unfortunately I'm still way behind on my knitting thanks to all this migraine bullshit; I've been sleeping twelve hours a night, going to bed before the Goober does in the evenings. Tonight I feel almost human and am staying up long enough to have another dose of migraine medication. That should knock me out.

There is a purring cat face stuck in my arm pit.



Anonymous said...

I take my knitting everywhere that I have to wait. It lowers my blood pressure. I even took in when I went to early vote. I was only on line for 40 minutes but most people thought it was a good idea to bring a distraction.


an said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I can't imagine not having a decent supply of pills around. Even when I'm feeling ok, it's enough to make me freak out and all I have to do is go to the Safeway.

I have a question/favour to ask you (please feel free to turn me down, I'm asking because I thought you might know this kind of thing and might think it was fun)

In December I have to give a presentation on a movie. The movie is "The Pathfinder" It is the terrible one where the Vikings go up against some Natives. My thesis is something like revisionist history like this is a bad and terrible thing.

If you've watched it/feel like watching it, could you let me know what things jump out at you as being historically inaccurate?

I already know that they wear helmets with horns on and land in New York but if you see anything else, it would totally be helpful and it would be a fun blog post too....

Bells said...

oh she does look cute - way cuter than any of the American-wannabe kids I saw walking around here last night.

TinkingBell said...

Yurky with the carbon fibre and migraine - yay for cute fairy princesses and purring catfaces - boo to crap doctors - yay to fixit ones - boo to puke inducing beeswax but yay to celtic stencils yay to drugs and caffieine and boo to holding up walls- hope you're better soon!

Alwen said...

Persistent migraine is just so wrong. A year or two ago I got some of that crap with just persistent visual aura and little pain. The little pain part was good, but the flickering was driving me NUTS.

Weather is so weird! Monday we had snow locally, but by last night it was 62 degrees! at 5:30 and I wore a t-shirt and a long cape made out of black costume veiling to take the child trick-or-treating.

NeedleTart said...

I never designed my kid's hallowe'en costumes without fitting them over a snow suit. But then we lived in the Frozen North. No, not Alaska (the home of Maribu Barbie), we lived in the official cold spot of the lower 48, Bradford, PA. I know it was official, because The Husband worked for the FAA and he made it so.