Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bullet point post.

For the three of you wondering why I dropped off the grid for two whole days.

-Saw the doc yesterday. Same twit as before. We got into it a little bit about the thyroid, she's sending me out to an endocrinologist and basically did everything she could to get rid of me.

-One of those things was to get me a shot of Toradol - very strong anti-inflammatory - which left me pain free for the first time in months, which oddly leaves me incoherent.

-Slept 12 hours last night. Went to bed before the Goober did. Other than the continuing migraine I feel downright good today.

-Explained to the nurse yesterday about the migraine and no medication for it, so I'd been using caffeine, and so I was so caffeinated I could hear my hair growing and my blood pressure was going to be high. She laughed. A lot.

-The Goob has taken up hair-twirling as a hobby and I had to cut a huge knot out of her hair. Luckily her hair's such a curly boof, you can't tell there's a chunk missing on one side.

-There is a bug on my ceiling. It's just sitting there. I hate that.

-Uh, I'll post something coherent later today. Probably.

-There will be Goob photos.

-Oh, and I've totally blown the knitting quota the last two days. Maybe I can make it up but lately I don't care.


Leonie said...

Oh my, life is interesting in your neck of the woods isn't it? Good luck with the dumb doc and the coherency!!!

Roxie said...

Pain free except for the migraine? Ahh, maybe you have forgotten what pain-free means.

If the Goob's really into hair twirling, she's gonna have a shag cut in no time. People will understand.

historicstitcher said...

I don't comment as often as I'd like to, but I do notice your absence!

There was a time, long ago, when one of my sisters decided to run the Stomper truck over another sister's head...entangling her long LONG blond hair in the axles and wheels (yes, it was running, of course!) and it took my dad HOURS to remove her hair from it and she still lost a good chunk of it. Curly hair is SO much easier to hide those kinds of things...

I understand the pain-free get almost high with the euphoria of not-hurting! Be caseful not to overdo it and hurt again!

My verification word is a equal-opportunity boy band - "equirap"

Donna Lee said...

The migraines are here today. I woke up last night in the middle of a panic attack and now I am sluggish and there is way too much light here. I would like a dark, quiet spot to sit and well, just sit.

amy said...

They gave me Toreadol in the hospital after the c-section because I refused to take Percocet or Vidodin. It was a pill, though, not a shot. It didn't eliminate the pain, but it did make it manageable. They said I'd need the Percocet, but I hate narcotics.

Good luck with the pain. And the doctors.

Mandy said...

Boy, pain must just have been in the air - I couldn't turn my head without feeling like I was going to throw up yesterday, but I did manage to finish my son's 4-eyed space alien costume in time for Halloween. He seems happy with it.

The carbon fiber looks lovely, even if it is a pain to work with. I'm glad you're doing it 'cuz now I won't have to. I'm working on some Columbia cross roving right now that my sister bought at a fiber festival, and just thought she'd borrow the spinning wheel and spin it up into yarn to knit a scarf for a friend of hers (she neither spins nor knits, nor has she ever done either in the past). I convinced her that was not going to happen in this century since I'd probably never see my wheel again if it did. So now I'm doing it. Maybe she'll pay me, maybe she won't.

Vacuum that bug.

My verification word is 'mazersiv' - perhaps some weird Yiddish greeting?

Emily said...

I'm so sorry about the doc; when they don't know what to do for you, their eyes glaze over & they want you to go away. Been there. Horrible. A friend once said that doctors are raised on multiple choice exams & can't handle essay questions; that describes it well.

My current (& favorite doc) has said, "I don't know; I'll have to research that". Glorious words! And he consults people!

The Goob may be outgrowing the nap thing; also horrible.

You sound pretty darned coherent to me. All things considered! (My word is "mudagd", which sounds celtic, sorta.

Brewgal said...

The bug is watching you.

My verification word is conclau, which would be a great name for a Celtic band.