Saturday, October 18, 2008

Since you guys seem to be taking this seriously.

The half-assed 'identify the symbol' contest? I took the photo at an angle to fit the block and paper into the photo:

Mentally rotate the symbol, uh, forty-five degrees? The straight 'legs' of the 'cross' should be at a diagonal, so that it's an X, not a + sign. Didn't mean to deliberately obscure it, I just clicked the photo in my usual half-assed way. (Obviously, since it's blurry.)

And as of, uh, noon-thirty today, no one's attempts to identify the symbol have come close. (This qualifies as a second hint.) Though they're interesting. Since people are getting serious about this, let me add a rider to the rules: First person to identify gets the loot. Though if more than one person identifies it, I'll be so shocked I'll probably give out loot to anyone else who gets it, too, unless there are fifty of you. Contest ends, what, next Saturday? That gives you guys a week to research.


Alwen said...

Gotta love a quest that brought up this:

I love Australia! "The National Public Toilet Map, A Project of the National Continence Management Strategy".

My government should spend its money on something so useful!

Leonie said...

I think I have one part of it but won't know until I find the other!!

Brewgal said...

Are you sure there are only two symbols in there? :-)

Caroline said...

This is hard!

I think one of them is calcinatio auri (, but the other one is trickier. This old Egyptian symbol is the best I can come up with: (without the outer circle).

Alwen said...

I think

is close for one, but haven't found anything like the other.