Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Okay, okay.

I spent an hour re-doing the numbers for Blue Shimmer Take Two, and it's almost like I was meant to do it this way. (Seriously.) The stitch gauge, 8.71 stitches to the inch, is much more sane (yeah, yeah, two decimal places, notice how stuff I knit fits when I'm done?) and closer to things I've done in the past, so I don't feel quite so wild-eyed about it. Plus all the increases sort of fell into place. There was no major head-thunking or husbeast calling or math gymnastics. I didn't have to fudge things by an inch and a half to make the repeats fit. It all fell into place. Maybe the knitting gods were trying to tell me something.

Maybe I'm trying to feel less stupid about that hack-and-slash incident last night. (Oh, like you've never lost your temper before. You're just smart enough to not carry a pocket knife in your knitting bag.)

Anyway, I'm going to cast on again (this time using a crochet cast on, alas, no one's around to take photos, I'll re-do it for anyone who cares - Trish - later tonight) and get to knitting again. Only a hundred and ninety-something stitches this time.

In the long run I think this was a good thing to have happen. Though in the short term it was pretty stupid.

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