Saturday, August 05, 2006

Oh, come on.

No takers on the Grand Unification Theory debate? (Does it exist? Doesn't it?) In some circles that topic would result in pistols at dawn. (Sort of like double-points vs. long circular debates among sock knitters.) NOBODY left a comment, not even "Stephen Hawking thinks you're a poop-head" ??

Boy. Have a knitting blog and the people reading it seem to expect knitting. Next thing, you'll be expecting me to FINISH stuff.

In more math-geniuses-who-didn't-knit news, they seem to have turned up some unknown writings from Archimedes (you know, 'give me a lever and I shall move the world'? Engineer? Ass-kicker? Eureka?) They ran some of his old texts through X-ray or a particle accellerator or some insanity like that and the particles either shifted some ink molecules and made them visible, or shifted the light reflected into something the human eye can see (or both). For all one of you out there who are interested, there's an article here on the subject. (The new text probably contains Einstein's Grand Unification Theory.) Anyway, cool stuff. I always enjoy seeing technology applied to LEARNING STUFF. Even if it isn't knitting.

So, the knitting.

Friday Night Me Knitting was canceled in favor of the neck-ribbing for the Blue Shimmer. (1x1 rib. On size zeros. Two inches' worth. I'm still not done.) Today I'm taking a break and working on the wrap (which seems huge, on size nines), partly in the hopes that I can figure out for sure if I have enough yarn for the darn thing.

The yarn for the next bloody Doucer et Soie scarf stares at me from the pile of finished scarves and I get guilt attacks every time I go past; partly because I need to do that scarf (State Fair fodder), and partly because I need to post the patterns for the scarves already done. I'm hoping to get to that this weekend, but then I was hoping to get to it last weekend.

The husbeast wants to watch a movie tonight, I hope to hem the cuffs of the brown and red jacket, sew on the buttons, and call it done. (Except for needing a second damn wash to get the grease off.)

And I still dont' think the Grand Unification Theory exists. Nyeah.


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh yeah...that there Archy-meaty feller. I heard about him on MythBusters. Actually, he would have made a pretty innovative knitter, don't you think!

Bells said...

I'm so ashamed. I'm a learned girl and I know zilch about GUT. As far as I know, GUT is german for GOOD.

I'm hanging my head. Trust me.

Otherwise I'd have commented, for sure.

TrishJ said...

I want to know if Albert Einstein would have knit a Blue Shimmer Sweater on size zero needles...

catie phillips said...

that Archemedes thing sounds interesting!