Thursday, August 03, 2006

It rained last night.

But not for long. It just got steamy and sticky after. But I will say, South Carolina knows how to RAIN.

That's the view from my front porch. (Forgive that bare patch by the drive; we killed a massive fire-ant nest there about a month ago.) The sparkly white things in the air? Rain drops. That's right. It's not quite up there with the golf-ball sized rain drops in Hawaii, where it felt like you were getting hit in the head with a hammer, but still, that's pretty respectable. If only the rain had lasted more than ten minutes, it might have cooled things off. But no. We're back to a heat index of six thousand degrees Kelvin out there. But, hey, Bush says there's no such thing as Global Warming so we must all be imagining it.


I went to the craft store today and picked up the sixteen inch size one needle I need, to start the Blue Shimmer. I got to checkout and the lady says "Oh, knitting socks?" and I said "Uh, no... a sweater." and she gave me a Gravely Concerned look and proceeded to check me out in silence, shooting me worried looks when she thought I wasn't paying attention.

My work on the Blue Shimmer is math, at the moment, involving things like "increase by 33% to a number of stitches with a multiple of 7". (So as to fit the pattern repeats in.) I had the husbeast on the phone for "Increase by 20% for a number that's a multiple of 6 AND 8." I figured it out myself (432), and that kind of scares me. (I was never good at the numerators devisors multiples thingies.) The numbers I'm playing with scare me too. Cast-on is 207 stitches. The body circumference is something like 450 (my notes are in the other room). This is either going to be totally cool or a complete disaster. I'm not sure which, yet. (Oh, and I think I forgot to mention -- gauge is 9.5 stitches to the inch.)

Last night we went out and bought some baby gates and came home and put them up. The reaction from the four-legged creatures has been interesting. The baby crawls to one, kind of goes "Well, shoot." and goes somewhere else, not making a big issue of it. The cat (who is a very healthy six-ish years old and MORE than capable of jumping over the damn things) has reacted like she's suddenly been thrown into a prison camp. You'd think we stuck her in a shoe box from the way she's carrying on. She stands at the gates and meows like she wants an elevator. Idiot cat.

Anyway, I just took my blood pressure medication (which makes me dopey) and now have to go find a number increased by 13% and divisible by 27. Or something. And it all has to come out to 590 when I'm done.


Sheepish Annie said...

Wish I could help...I probably couldn't even figure out how to get past the gates. Good luck!

debsnm said...

Have fun with the cat - call her like you can't find her, and see what she does, OR, put her food on one side (the side without baby) and THEN call her!!! This could go on for days!

Bells said...

please don't post about numbers like that again. I was feeling peaceful and rested tonight. Now my head just hurts....