Thursday, August 10, 2006

What the fuck is this??!!?

...sometimes I try to clean up my language, but I'm married to a sailor... fuck it.


Last night I went out and picked up some knitting magazines (I should stop doing that, I really should...) because I needed to get out of the house and away from the baby. (She's at that stage where she follows me into the bathroom or else sits outside the closed door and screams.)

So. Book store. Peaceful. Quiet. Magazines. And I flip open Vogue Knitting (which I should never touch again, I KNOW THIS), and there it is:

Image copyright Vogue Knitting and Michael Koors 2006, yadda yadda, even though they don't deserve it. I scanned this right out of the magazine. I NEVER do that. Fuck the copyright laws, this is too ugly for copyright to apply to. It should be a KILLING OFFENSE, not protected under copyright law.

If you or I knit something that monstrous (nice big red diamonds on the hips, because you know, no one's hips look big enough anyway), you know what we'd do? We'd rip it right the hell back out again. We may not even mention it on our blogs. If we did, it's be something like "I tried a new design... it was awful, I ripped it out." WE SURE THE HELL WOULD NOT BE PUBLISHING IT IN VOGUE KNITTING FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE.

It's Michael Koors (say 'ooooh, Michael Koors') so he gets away with publishing a pattern that is nothing but a disaster. If you or I would have submitted that to VK we'd have been laughed out of the office, not PUBLISHED.

What a fuckin' disgrace.


The Queen-a Athena said...

What the fuck is that supposed to be, anyway?? A dress? A vest? A Halloween costume?

And BTW, Julie, you do know the mother's theme song for this age. You sing it to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and it goes,

"Let me go to the bathroom
By myself ..."

Sheepish Annie said...

Yeah...there really is no other language with which one can describe this "design." VK has, more than once, left me workin' blue for hours at a time. I could have designed that little item for free...