Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It ought to be Monday.

This morning I got a lovely e-mail from a woman who used my "Knit by Numbers" article (link in the sidebar under 'read me') to do a test sweater for a doll she owns and hopes to use the system again. I'm waiting to hear back about permission to post the photo here, but it was a very nice letter, she even offered a suggestion for future article topics (which I'm always on the lookout for).

I'm very grateful for the letter, even more grateful than I USUALLY am for pleasant things in me e-mail box, because it's the only thing that went right today.

My kid is currently locked in my office with me, smacking the cat with a spatula. (Why the cat will not move is a mystery of the ages.) She (the baby, not the cat) is shut in my office because she can't be trusted loose in the house. Every time my back is turned, the little shit goes out and eats a handful of cat food (the baby, not the cat). And if it's not cat food, it's electrical wires. And NO, she won't eat reglar baby food, she wants the cat food (the baby, not the cat).

Today is payday, and that means baby gates, but I'm not sure how much good it will do us.

Then I fell asleep during the baby's nap (stupid new medication) and got zero accomplished.

Noggin redid their programming (AGAIN), so that the Three Banned Shows are on one after the other, and even if ethically I could put up with it, I can't take the obnoxiousness.



debsnm said...

Well, you could look at it this way - cat food is very high in protein! Can you find some cereal that's shaped (sort of) like the cat food?

Sheepish Annie said...

Here's why I'm not allowed to have children...I'd just be happy that the baby is eating. I would find it cost-cutting and super efficient. I would end up on the news or as the "bad mommy" in a LifeTime movie.