Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yeah. Drugs.

(In case you got the un-edited version of this post, which is simply a title, the baby was on my lap and managed to whack the mouse button at JUST the wrong moment. Figures.)

Remember me saying drugged knitting was okay, it was the drugged cutting of steeks you had to look out for? I take it back. When you're knitting a massive algorhythm like a sweater yoke, sobriety is recommended. And I've been on heavy medication the last couple days. (I have to make jokes about being drugged, because if I don't, I get really pissed and throw things. I HATE being like this all the time. Recreational drugs are all well and good, but living this way all the time SUCKS.)

So, the Blue Shimmer. The math is kind of off, but not so badly it's unfixable. Due to it being a top-down knit, I took it off the needles last night and pulled it over my head, and so far, so good (most people are fairly similar from the neck to the shoulder point; it's after that, things get weird). I took a couple bad photos in the mirror (I would upload them if Blogger did not have it's head up it's USB port), but essentially, it fits around my neck, hangs properly, and doesn't look like a giant napkin or Fashion by Omar the Tent Maker. ...that's good.

So back on the needles it goes, for some more increases in hopefully fix-it type places.

One good thing about all this, I went over the yoke looking at the increase rounds and checking them, and by golly, I can barely find the increases and I know where they ARE. Should be interesting to hear what the State Fair people say about that. ("The fabric grows, magically, when I wave my wand." That's what I'll tell them. I'll probably be heavily drugged at the time and look like I believe what I'm saying.)

In other news... well, there is no other news. I'm gearing up to go grocery shopping (hate that), and the baby is cute. I'd upload a picture of that too (sleeping with her knees tucked under and her butt up in the air - hilarious) but Blogger is fucking up. Like that never happens. Remind me again how it's free.

Oh, yeah, and I started the lace. I'm on row 10 of 86, and I'd rather knit lace on 0000 needles with sewing thread than use Doucer et Soie and size 10's. How freaky is that? I mean, it's EASIER and everything.

Sometimes I scare myself.


Sheepish Annie said...

You know, the tiny needles are actually easier to hold. My hands hurt far less with the wee little projects than with the broomsticks 'n clothesline creations.

TrishJ said...

Yay for the Blue Shimmer! I'm glad it's working out well.

I like doing lace on tiny CROCHET hooks much better than crocheting big stuff, so I can imagine knitting lace is the same way.

Oh, and I tried to call you from the YARN STORE again, but the cell was dead. So belated HI from the yarn store! I got some Brown Sheep for mittens and gloves! GO ME!