Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You love me! You really love me!

Sometime in the depths of the night (that would have been mid-afternoon for you folks Down Under), I hit my ten-thousandth page load. I'm trying not to get all weepy and emotional like Sally Fields at the Oscars (what is it with me and the Oscars this week?), but I really do appreciate it.

Half of me is all cocky, like "Oh yeah, all these people hit my blog and clicked on everything." and the other half is "DEAR GOD, PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE ACTUALLY READING THIS STUFF." (Surreal moment on the phone with Best Friend yesterday - she started talking about something going on in my life, I wondered how she knew, and realized, she's been reading my blog.)

But anyway, thank you for reading. It's humbling to have people spend their time reading what I've got to say.

And in other news, 'cause it's always a circus (zoo?) around here - I just got a call from the husbeast. He hasn't been to work yet. (Usually he's there by six AM, 'cause the Navy is crazy like that. Bad guys never attack in the dark.) He's been sitting on Dorchester Road, waiting for the cops. Apparently someone pulled out in front of him and he hit them. No one was hurt, and he was driving his beloved 1991 Suburban (read: Sherman tank, only bigger, and blue), so he's got a tiny dent in the fender and one turn signal is busted. The other car is trashed. (This Suburban is so huge, as we ride down the road I yell for a stewardess to bring me a drink and a magazine - something fun I got from Uncle Fred.)

Never a dull moment at my house.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I find your blog funny. I stumbled upon it a few days ago. Maybe because I am a former Army girl who knits. With a husbeast. Hey, I can relate.

Heather W

Sheepish Annie said...

An..the "Burb!" You cannot destroy them. Ever. Even if you were so inclined. Gotta love that in a vehicle. Congrats on all the internet love. You earned it!!!

TrishJ said...

Of course we love you! Now go knit me some scarves.


Amy Lane said...

My dad used to have a giant truck like that--he kept it primered so that people would stay away from it, thinking 'hey--this guy's crazy, anything can happen!'

Anonymous said...

Julie, me and the other 10,000 love you and love what you write and knit. Also, love ALL of the baby pics! You are an ecstatic knitter and a very wild and knarly person, and to be admired. Keep it up and congrats on the 10,000 hits! Linda Peck

Anonymous said...

Your blog is fun, interesting and I always learn something - what's not to like!

By the way, wool winder very good way to start baby proofing wool. Next step, big cardboard boxes with lids. Trust me, my baby is 16 months, and she (just about) is still not able to get into them. And bags with zips for actual current knitting.