Friday, August 18, 2006

Woohoo, Sci-Fi!

There's nothing like a Stargate marathon on the Sci-Fi channel to encourage a bit of knitting. (Bonus, it seems they'll re-run that episode of Eureka that I missed Tuesday.) I've been parked in front of the TV since about eleven this morning, when I realized they were running Stargate all day. The baby missed Jack's Big Music Show today. I'm a bad mother.

There's an increase row in that stripe of blue, between the needle and the tan jiggies: (I would post a photo of the Blue Shimmer Yoke here but BLOGGER IS FUCKING UP AGAIN!!??!!) If I continue to zone in front of the TV as planned until eleven tonight, and my hands don't give out (the big if), I may have the yoke done. Wouldn't that be cool?

I am also on row 19 of the lace doily. There are 90 rows total. (Well, 89 and a bindoff row. Says 90 to me.) I'd post a picture of that too, but NOOOooo. It's teeny tiny. I actually managed to fix a mistake in it earlier today and felt like Einstein (or a brain surgeon).

The ant situation in my office has backed off somewhat: I did the sneaky Science Geek thing (it's related to the Plant Freak thing - plants, bugs, you see the relationship) and used bleach wipes on every flat surface I could. The result is twofold; it kills any ants in the area, and it seems to wipe out their 'trails', meaning they get lost and wander around at the edge of where the bleach-wiping started, which would be my windowsill. (Option two involves buying an ant-eater, but I'm not sure the cat would go for that.)

Now, if I can track the trail back to the ant nest, I will do my usual greenie, tree-hugger pesticide solution: Dump a gallon of boiling salt water on the nest. Works like a charm. (Kills the grass, though.) So the ants are mostly under control.

The husbeast found a cockroach in the dining room last night.

If a cane spider shows up, I'm getting a flame thrower.


Sheepish Annie said...

(um...i kinda like x-files marathons) I had pretty good luck repelling the ants with the sonic noise-that-bothers-the-bugs thingies. (available at yer local wal-mart) Things settled down fast after that and gave me the time I needed to devote to raising the baby spiders and arguing with the hornets.

CoffeeLady said...

Bugs! Hate them! How do you keep the baby from 'sampling' the ants, or has she not discovered them yet? Beware of Blogger problems - I haven't been able to log in for over a month!! And it all started with trouble posting photos. Better create your backup before its too late.

Anonymous said...

I heart SG-1. My hubby introduced me to it a few years ago and I am hooked. I think, though, that if Daniel Jackson had stayed ascended, I would not be such a fan anymore. ;)

TrishJ said...

Your link said that cane spiders eat cockroaches...I'd think you'd want one or two! Maybe you could encourage it to hang out at the window and eat the ants...