Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The last thing I'm saying on this subject.

...until I think of something else to say.


Way back in the dawn of my misspent youth (is it misspent if you worked a lot of weird jobs? I mean, I was WORKING, not lolling about smoking weed or in jail or anything), I was a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). I didn't stay one very long (the Navy moved us and I lost my state certification), but the knowledge and terminology has stuck with me all these years. (And a good thing too. It's been useful.)

In my house, the statement "If I have to do control of bleeding, I'm gonna be pissed." has become something of a catch phrase. 'Control of bleeding' covers all sorts of emergency stuff - bandaging and direct pressure and elevation of extremities and tourniquets and pressure bandages - you get the idea. So it's my usual statement when I see people doing something stupid. And, unfortunately, in the Navy community I see people doing stupid stuff pretty often. The husbeast has picked up the phrase, and we're known to come out with it regularly. (And yes, we have wound up doing Control of Bleeding. And no, we're usually not that polite about it. "You dumbass" is a phrase that is also regularly used around here.)

I talked to the husbeast a while ago and he told me that while I was slashing the knitting off the knitting needle last night (I never MEANT to hack up the needle itself, that just happened), he was going to say "If I have to do control of bleeding, I'm going to beat your ass." but then decided maybe shutting up was the better part of valor. Though he did say it today. And called me a dumbass.

Ah, true love.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Your husbeast sounds like a wise man. Knowing when to keep your head down and your helmet at the ready is a good quality in both sailors and spouses.