Thursday, August 24, 2006

Road trip + baby = shoot me

We spent about 12 hours on the road yesterday and are now safely in Ohio. There was much stopping for bottles and food and bottles and food and cuddles and diaper changes and bottles. And diaper changes. And food. I grazed my way up I-77. The days of driving straight through are over.

Yesterday I realized that I can tell where I am in the Eastern US by the species of road kill lying, toes up, at the side of the highway. In the Carolinas, it is deer. In the Appalachians, it is racoons. (You guys overseas know what a racoon is, right? Hahaha.) And in Ohio, it is groundhogs.

THIS was the grand revelation of yesterday, giving you an idea of the quality of my experience.

And the husbeast has yammered for two days about thermostats for the Suburban: Yesterday all day it was about how he needed to change it. Today it is about how he has changed it. Shoot me. Shoot me now.

Vacations are hell. I'm going to go knit lace now, and I'm gonna snarl at anyone who talks to me, and blame it on the drugs.


Sheepish Annie said...

Sounds, um...restful? Here's hoping that you can get back in one piece and recover from your vacation.

debsnm said...

I remember traveling from Mickey D's to Mickey D's - not so she could eat Happy Meals, but so I could nurse her in peace, and, later, so I could feed her the nasty-a$$ed baby food. Once she was old enough to WANT to go to Mickey D's, I quit stopping. LOL

TrishJ said...

So what was the roadkill in Hawaii???

Good luck not killing anyone while you knit lace. Have fun visiting, too.

Teresa said...

Hawaiain roadkill...was it cane spiders?

Bells said...

yes we know what Racoons are down here in the southern hemisphere!

Roadkill's a funny thing. Well not funny ha ha - but I know so many foreigners who have come here looking for kangaroos and leave without seeing a live one, cos they're dead on the road, esp in Canberra.

12 hours of driving hell, by the sounds of it.

Was there anything nice about the trip?