Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A short burst of rational commentary.

There was something I was going to say that was rational, I know there was...

Oh. Right.

If any of you jokers out there get the idea to try the Wilton's food coloring on the hair deal, I really recommend against it. Way too much trouble for the amount of color you wind up with. In fact, unless your hair is silver-white like mine, the color will probably not even be visible. (This morning my hair looks like pink cotton candy. Arg.) If you do insist on trying it, do NOT shower to get the coloring out, stick your head in a sink or something. More food coloring stuck to my ears during the showering process than stuck to my hair. (Yes. My ears are pink. You should see my fingernails.)

While I was wandering around the house last night with my hair gooed up in pink dye, wearing my hair-coloring tee shirt splattered with pinks, purples, blues, and greens, the husbeast says "You know, the baby's probably going to rebel by keeping her hair one color and becoming a lawyer."

Everybody's a comedian.

Thank you all for the kind words over the medication insanity. I don't want to turn this into a 'whine about what drug I took today' blog, but when my moods yo-yo like this, I try to offer some explanation. (Belles said she wouldn't worry until I started saying nice things about Bush. Let me tell ya, if this were a political commentary blog and not a knitting blog, the profanity witnessed so far would be like NOTHING in comparison.)

Anyway. Today is packing day. I'll probably pack the knitting first. That's how everyone packs, isn't it?

Four more pattern rows on the Blue Shimmer.


debsnm said...

Veteran hair-dyer here - go to Hot Topic (or Torrid, whichever) and splurge on their $14.99 hair dye - AWESOME colors, HUGE mess, but it sticks like CRAZY. My kid got kicked out of the 5th grade because she had blue hair - I'm tellin'ya, this stuff is GREAT!!!!
And a question - is the pink hair BECAUSE of Ohio, or IN SPITE of??

Sheepish Annie said...

But I'll bet the pink looks awesome with Blue Shimmer!

April said...

You are a far braver woman than I'll ever be. During my "redhead phase" I always had it done at the salon. Now I'm broke and back to mousy brown.

Pink hair would be seriously cool.

Bells said...

but your hair doesn't look white in the photo???

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm reading through your archives. I've been reading your blog for a little while now but something posessed me to start at the beginning. ANYway a few days ago I comment about fake grafting hems, today it's medication. It's all down to mood right?

Anyway, I just wanted to say (anonymously, but I know that if you actually care who I am you can figure it out with your fancy internet witchery) that I've heard some people (ok, a person that I know and respect) say they (she)don't (doesn't)like your blog because you talk about health problems and medication and how you feel (pain, mood, migraine, etc. wise) too often.

I'm writing to say that I suffer from bi-polar disorder and my nightmare with drugs over the years has been almost as bad as yours sounds (so then probably nowhere near as bad!). I'm glad you talk about it because it noramlises the notion that some of us do need to be medicated for the rest of our lives (I also have PCOS and am on two other medications for that) and it's ok...some of us need the drugs to make us as close to "normal" as we should be...

I dunno...I don't write about it in my blog because I know a number of people would stop reading it (few people do anyway) and my mother would tell me to grow a sense of dignity and not to make a big fuss over a bad day (denial, but I suspect she's bi-polar too...there's debate over whether it's genetic but I challenge anyone to spend some time with my mum and not reach the same conclusion...)

ANYWAY...I dunno. I appreciate it when you talk about these things...I'm sympathetic to your plight...and I want you to know that you've helped me come to terms with my own troubles with medications. It's hard to explain why you're such a moody cow, or why you want to hug someone and cry with joy because they are wearing a certain coloured sweater if you are too ashamed to admit you're being treated for a mental illness.

Anyway...erm...what was I babbling about again?

Just thanks...

And now...having embarrassed myself (but still thinking it's worth pressing post...) I am going to go hide in a corner.