Friday, August 18, 2006

Good News/Bad News

This is my 200th post, which I think covers the good/bad theme neatly. Hahaha.

Trish says that cane spiders eat cockroaches. You would think that was good news. The bad news is, they are the size of house cats. I have witnessed two cane spiders in the wild in my life (one in Aiea, the other in Honolulu proper), each the size of dinner plates and each capable of triggering fatal heart attacks in anyone with anything remotely like a bug phobia. TARANTULAS are smaller than these things. Prettier, too. Sighting one of these things results in screaming. I kid you not. I once had to apologize to the neighbors for teaching their children new words (of the four-letter variety) over a cane spider.

There are still ants on my desk, which I guess means napalm in the morning. (Burning down my house covers the good news/bad news all in one big swipe.)

For everyone enjoying the cuss-fest that had become my blog (and I know there are a couple of you out there), I hate to disappoint you, but my medication has been adjusted by my doctor and my 'internal editor' is back on again. Those tranquilizers made me say ANYTHING. Good gravy, the things I've said this week. (Hell, I even had a discussion with my doctor about anti-depressants and sexual side-effects and the entertainment value therof.) So anyway. Good news, I feel better, bad news, less entertainment for you guys. I'll try to be surly and swear a little, just to keep things on par. But no more discussions of my sex life. And I'll probably quit calling ants 'little black fuckers'. Probably.

I vegetated (and knit) all day in front of the TV, but my hand crapped out around nine-thirty in the middle of Stargate, so I didn't get the yoke finished. Heck, I didn't even get to the next increase round. But I did catch the episode of Eureka I missed. You guys were right. It was good.

And Blogger still won't take pictures. Pah. Double bad news at the end. Isn't that always the way?


Nina said...

I love reading your blog! This is my first time to send a comment. First, I want to say that your knitting and commentary about it is really inspiring for me, a knitter who has been "back at it" for about 3 years after a 14(or so)-year hiatus (could I really be that old? NO!) And I recently found out that for the past 3 years, I've been twisting my purl stitches, which explains a lot.

Anyway, I have helpful suggestions for your ant problems--the products really work like a charm!

Here are some links:

This is a page of products in different forms. Be sure to look all the way down the page. I see the spray now comes in cedar scent as well as mint. I have only found mint, but that was awhile ago. This has the best prices I've seen so far:
This is a page of retailers that might carry the products, so you could get it in person rather than mail order:
This is a full description of how the spray works. It costs more at this location, but the description is thorough.

Good luck!

janjan said...

I've just got up early and checked out all the forums I'm in and through a knitty link got to you.
What a start to my day, only read a few blogs but you put a smile on my face, stuck you in my favourites so I can come back later today and have a good read.
Enjoyed the article on colour, I was discussing colour with a friend the other day and the article is perfect for her.

janjan said...

Re: Spiders - the worst thing is being on the loo and realising there is a giant huntsman between you and the door, normally I'm quite brave and can relocate them but I feel a bit vunerable when they catch me like that. Ants - we get heaps here, usually coz the boybrats have left food out, I ate biccys in bed the other night, what a idiot, half way through the night I was bitten quite a few times, I suppose it serves me right.
I hid lollies in the wardrobe and the damm things got into them. At least we haven' got the fire-ants (they can be deadly).
Well my new friend, I hope you realise that I'm not going to get a damm thing done today, we're suppposed to be painting walls in the laundry and its our grandbabys 4th birthday, we have to fill out legal forms, the ironing is threatening to topple over - I've given up trying to hide it, I really need to clean the bathroom and I have a mountain of work in my craft room that has to be sorted. But your blogs look so much more interesting than all that I should have to sit and do nothing all day but read and comment.


PS: I'm in Oz