Saturday, August 19, 2006

Perhaps I spoke too soon.

I'm off all the nasty medication that was making me a smartass bitch, and yet, today, I find that... well, nothing much has changed. Could it be, possibly, by slim chance, a personality trait, and not the drugs?? Hmmm.

Thanks to everyone for the anti-ant suggestions... I appreciate them. I've decided the number one thing I need to do is quit being a dumbass. I got rid of the wastebasket full of soda cans and thought "There, that's done it." Then this morning I got up and found about five hundred ants doing the back stroke in the dregs of a mug of tea I left sitting on my desk last night. Because, you know, everyone should leave sugary liquid sitting around when they have an ant problem. (The husbeast just HAD to catch me rinsing the ants down the drain and comment on how well my ant-proofing was going.)

And one of the little black fuckers just ran across my desk AGAIN.

I am reminded of the time I spilled soda over my computer and wiped down the outside and it didn't occur to me to clean out the inside and eventually when it started overheating we popped the lid and found a massive nest of cat hair glued together with soda stickies, layered over everything. I've obviously missed some sugar source that they're going for. But WHERE? (Not inside the computer. This is a different one.)

By some miracle, Blogger is uploading photos, so let's actually talk about knitting, shall we?
This is, obviously, what I've got of the lace. I'm not pushing too hard on it yet, because I'm planning to work on it in Ohio while I can't work on the Blue Shimmer. I prefer doing lace on larger needles, but this should look pretty cool when it's done. The pink is another of those controversial provisional cast-ons.

And this is the state of the Blue Shimmer:
Actually, I'm a little further than that but I'm afraid to let Blogger wait while I go take another photo. It started off with 190something stitches cast on, and I'm up to 440. About six more rows and I increase up to 500something. Once the yoke's done (hopefully by Wednesday) it goes on hold until I can get to Ohio and re-measure my victim to make sure all is where it should be. Then it's all that plain blue stockinette, knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting until I lose what's left of my mind. Should be relaxing.


Sheepish Annie said...

I'm not convinced that ants are the brightest of creatures. I believe that they sometimes wander around thinking, "well, it was here yesterday..." Come to think of it, I sort of do that, too!

Teresa said...

I'm excited about the lace!
Where do you get your doily patterns? Or do you make them up? I have some size zeroes and crochet cotton in interesting colors, bring it on!

April said...

this victim of yours must be a special person for you to be going to all this trouble.

perhaps sheepish annie could rent you some of her spiders to eat your ants. it's a thought.

Bells said...

I was missing the Swearing Samurai. Glad she hasn't gone altogether.

i'd swear on my blog, but my mother reads it! Damn, should never have given up my anonimity. Sure as hell won't be discussing my sex life there any time soon!!! LOL!