Sunday, May 18, 2008

Still slow.

I've spent the weekend hanging out, knitting, and reading. It's been glorious.

Started the second sleeve of Zen 2. I'm hoping to get it done by tomorrow and the whole shebang joined up. Watching the colors come and go is way more entertaining than I'd expected; I'll have to try it again some time.

I'm also getting back to that dark green wool I had a while ago. Remember?

It'll get turned into a hat and scarf for a Christmas present.

The husbeast asks I put up a better photo of his work; apparently the last picture I posted was a before photo:

His welding rig is a "Fender Mender", the name of which just cracks me the fuck up. Sounds like the name of a garlic peeler. Or something. Not a big he-man welder. Anyway, anyway. There's his after photo. All nice and fixed.

The one big blot of ugh on my weekend was yesterday. We had to go to a child's birthday party at the Inner Ring of Hell. (Also known as Chuck E Cheese.) If I were to sit down and make a list of all the things that make my nervous system go funky, you would wind up with a description of Chuck E Cheese. Flashing lights, loud noises, screaming children, hordes of people. Yup. The Goob, of course, loved every minute of it.

We agreed that the cake was pretty good.


Bells said...

she looks more grown up in these latest photos, like she aged in a few days (in a good way).

The husbeast is funny. Is a Fender Mender the opposite of a Fender Bender?

Amy Lane said...

Oh gods, those pictures might ALMOST be worth the inner circle of hell! (been there, barfed that!!!) I'm with bells--the husbeast is awfully cute about his Fender Mender.

Carolyn said...

I once "lost" my then 3 year old daughter in that inner circle of hell for about 20 minutes. 20 minutes is a long time to not be able to find your three year old. The gatekeepers of the inner circle of hell (also known as the employees) would not help me look for her and yelled at me when I suggested that it might be time to call the police. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me as a parent. I have never gone back to that inner circle of hell. If either of my kids were invited to a birthday party there, my husband would have to take them or they could not go.

Roxie said...

There are people who work in that malestrom of chaos (ChuckE,Cheese's.) I think they must emerge permanently damaged in some way. Hope you survived relatively unscathed. No lingering tremors, no migraines, no nausea?

Husbeast needs his oown blog for welders who will adequately appreciate his work, and envy his Fender Mender. It's Good that he is handy.

Alwen said...

The only time I've ever been to that particular inner circle of hell was when it was paid for by somebody who was trying to recruit me to be her "downline" for an MLM.

No, thanks, not even for flat cheese pizza will I stand on the bottom of the ladder, scoop up money, and then hand it up to somebody standing on the next rung!