Thursday, May 29, 2008


I killed the doily. Worked on it for a couple hours last night while on migraine meds, woke up this morning, looked at it, and couldn't figure out WHAT the hell was going on. This is it before I pulled it off the needle:

Not to worry, I wasn't quite up to round fifty, and I learned a lot about how this guy's mind thinks. I'm gonna give it another shot, just not right now. 'Cause I've figured out what cable knit I am gonna do (really a twisted-stitch pattern if you discern between the two), and am doing the swatch.

And I've started spinning up the yarn for the next Zen project.

I'll try not to do this on migraine drugs. Ha.


Bells said...

No, go on. Do it on the migraine drugs. Amuse us all!

Alwen said...

I jumped from knitting Niebling to having a migraine to knitting on a pair of socks that's been sitting there.

(What was this anyway, the weekend migraine club? HAAAAATE it.)

The way my mind works, who knows what it's hatching or germinating while I think I'm just turning a heel.

Look, another spinner to awe me!

Roxie said...

Oooo, Easter-egg colors! Want!

Luck with the basic cable sweater for the parent!

Lace and migraines? Not something I had ever considered combining.

Amy Lane said...

You're such a good knitter--I would have kept going and called it a 'design feature'!

And I"m all about the zen stuff right now--if I have to think too hard before going back to a pattern, it ain't getting done.