Saturday, May 03, 2008

315 yards of yarny goodness.

The plying is erratic, to say the least. Mostly because I was experimenting with different methods, and obviously some of 'em didn't work. But it's got enough twist to be knittable, and that's all I care about.

Casting on for Zen 2 to commence, as soon as I bind off the Reactor Coolant scarf. (I'm tracking this stuff over on Ravelry, if anyone cares. I'm SamuraiKnitter.)

So far have still resisted the urge to cast on something Pi-based on small needles. Bells, you're a bad influence.


Bells said...

you disappoint me Julie. I was sure your next post would show a half done pi shawl!

Amy Lane said...

So pretty...must resist spinning wheel urges!

Donna Lee said...

The colors spun up so pretty. I am tempted by the pi as well. I keep reminding myself it will soon be too warm to sit with all that wool in my lap. At least I hope it will be warm, this spring has been less than spectacular so far.

Roxie said...

Yum!! Why not a bulky pi?

The Goober is adorable!

Victoria said...

Have you tried changing to the next-smaller whorl from the one you used for spinning the singles? This helped even out my plying, as it put the twist in a little faster and I am so READY to feed in the plied yarn.

The colors are lovely.