Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not a bad day.

Which is odd, 'cause everyone in the house is sick, and we spent most of the day like this:

Even the cat has a runny nose.

I think the real cause for my semi-good mood is this:

I'd been talking to a friend of mine about unloading some art supplies I'll never use on her... she insisted on making me something in return. I mentioned I could use a small cup-shaped something to hold little knitting snippets. That's hand-formed Fimo clay on the outside, with glass beads. Sooooo pretty. It came in the mail today, kind of unexpected, and was a VERY nice surprise. (My friend is, sadly, blogless, or I'd hook you up. When she gets her web site going, I'll let you know.)

To keep myself entertained, I've been knitting away. Almost done with Zen 2.

The swatch relaxed when I washed it (I'm keeping track of these things now, after telling Bells it wasn't worth the bother) so I've got high hopes that this thing might actually fit. So exciting.

Otherwise, I've been cruising Ravelry like a fiend, plotting Christmas presents. STILL haven't made up my mind about what I'm knitting for my mother-in-law. Newgrange is still distantly possible but now I'm off on a tangent about cables.

Oh. And the Goober quote for the day: "I love spitting!"

Good times.


Anonymous said...

I just spit coke all over my keyboard.

Thank goodness the Goober can make me LOL!


Bells said...

who doesn't love spitting???

I remember you telling me that!! It's good to check and check again, I reckon. You just never know.

Roxie said...

The random stripes in the z sweater are fascinating.

And the three of you look sooo comfy together!

Amy Lane said...

the stripes in the sweater are lovely--and I have to tell you how much I envy you your day. It's cold and blowy here--perfect day to laze on the couch and hold short people..