Monday, May 12, 2008

Right. Where was I?

I think I found my brain... it was in a puddle of green snot, over in a back corner of my skull.

Oh yeah. Knitting.

That's what I did yesterday. Cast on in the morning and happily knit off and on all day. Finished up last night with a hockey game (go, Penguins!) still knitting away. The cast-on edge turned out perfectly, if I do say so myself:

Still have some spinning to do, but I'm using the old 'knit alternating rounds from different balls of yarn' trick to avoid the more obvious weirdness. However, I think this yarn is going to be too much, even for a simple pattern. This may be one of those sweaters I only wear around the house. (Assuming it fits and I don't felt the hell out of it, like last time.) The texture of my handspun is really... interesting. It's very soft and fuzzy, and I can't distinguish single wool fibers. It's kind of like two strips of felted wool twisted together, for lack of a better description. Anyone else get that?

The glow-in-the-dark goo got here. Still trying to get a decent photo of THAT. (First I need to remember to put it in direct sunlight for a couple hours.) I'm now teaching myself chemistry in a half-assed way, to try to figure out how exactly I'm going to use this stuff. In the mean time, the husbeast is shaking his head and suggesting I paint my spinning wheel with it, and the Goober is going "oooooooh".

Oh, and the Goober. Last week she got stuck in one of her toy baskets.

And she has begun sleeping like this:

We've begun sneaking in as soon as she falls asleep and dragging the blanket off her head. Oy.

The Goob has managed to pick up yet another Kid Germ of some kind or other and is now running a low fever, covered in a rash, and laying on the floor, speaking Mandarin Chinese. (Yes, really.) I think it's Fifth Disease, which is a lameass name for a germ. The fun never ends.

I think I'm gonna go knit. Or possibly make chocolate cupcakes. And read about covalent bonding.


Anonymous said...

It isn't bad to sleep with the blanket over your head, is it? I do all the time! And I turned out ok, right? Right?

Of course if you're worried about the air supply or something...

Donna Lee said...

Fifth disease (yes it's a dumb name) can be really uncomfortable for the Goober. There's really nothing you can do. It's such a weird thing. I hope she feels better soon. And some of my spinning feels like just soft wool with little twist. It's strong but not really twisted. I bought some wool like that from Uruguay. It's strange, like long strips of felt.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah--that sounds like 5ths... (I always figured that it was called 5ths disease because you had measles, mumps, chicken pox, the flu, and it was like, fifth on the list of bugs to worry about. You know that it has a ten day incubation period? When my kids got it, we counted back 10 days to 2 weeks and figured out that Chicken (who was about 5 years old at the time) had been locked under a stage with 350 other snot-rockers during her recital during her most communicative time. I'm sure there were a lot of parents who would have wanted to thank me for that up close and personal, but hey--not much we could do.

(All of my kids--all four--sleep with the covers over their heads and their feet sticking out. When one of the older ones has a bad dream, the other one will climb into bed, and all we can see are these big feet, hanging off the edge of the bed...)

Sarah said...

Sarah said...

My kids sleep with a blanket over their head too and I do the same thing, so no worries.

Bells said...

she's always loved hiding in boxes and baskets, hasn't she? It seems you've posted more photos of her doing that than anything else! What a funny little poppet.

Loving the look of your handspun.

Roxie said...

It looks as if your little caterpillar is cocooning. Metamorphosis can be fascinating. Wonder what the next stage will be?

I love your new yarn and the way it knits up. People would pay big money for that. What size do you wear? If you hate it, I might offer to buy it from you.

Roz said...

I will buy your yarn.

And I sleep like that, with pillows on my head to block out the light for good measure.

Cocooning -- GOOD. VERY GOOD. I tend to wake up uber-happy that way!