Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am proud of me.

Today I dug in to knit those gauge swatches that I should have started Sunday. (We will still not discuss the Knitty article due June 1.) I got one done - for the next Zen project - and was about an inch into the next when I had this really crazy thought:

Why am I making things harder on myself than I have to? More, why am I doing it when I've got a two year old to chase and am fighting with ongoing thyroid problems?

So I jerked out the swatch. I was planning to knit Morrigan, with male styling, for my father-in-law. And while I do someday want to knit it (quite a challenge, can't resist), trying to do a cable-knit with cables EVERY ROUND at this point is just idiotic. There would be no enjoyment, no feeling of accomplishment, just "fuck, three inches to go".

So I'm looking at other, simpler cable-knits. My father-in-law truly doesn't know enough about knitting to know what's complicated and what's not; he thinks cable-knits in general are quite mystical. I've knit them right beside him, showed him how they work, and still thinks the 3-D effect is amazing. I can certainly do 3-D without having to cable every bloody row.

Plus now I get to flip through my pattern books for hours, going "I like that one... and that one... and, oh, that's cool..."

(Bells, you know that discussion we had about quality of life and keeping it in mind? Yeah. I needed to hear it again.)

Otherwise, the Goob is turning into quite the smartass: The husbeast told her to quit whining last night, and she yelled 'NO. I not done whining!' And last Sunday, I raised my voice at her, and she kind of sniffed and said 'Mumma. Calm down.' (I guess that's kind of cool - she repeats what she hears, and she's not saying 'shut up, you little fucker'. Is this evidence of good parenting? Sorta?)

The husbeast has been tested for sleep apnea, and it has been confirmed that he has it. I have been saying this for sixteen years, since the morning after the first time I slept with him. Pardon me while I revel in being right for a moment.

Oh. And still spinning the green stuff, which I hate, and want to finish it so I can then start on the next Zen project (yes, I'm spinning it and THEN knitting it - very Zen).

Christmas? It'll get here. Whether I want it to or not.


RobynR said...

Kudos on catching the sleep apnea. You're going to love the CPAP. Mathboy got his yesterday (92 episodes an hour) and it's a lovely quiet whooshing sound. Not at all like sleeping with Darth Vader * grin *

Bells said...

Oh god, go the easy route with the cables if he's that easy to please! Do yourself (and your family!) a favour. :-)

The Goober is a crack up.

Roxie said...

I find a cable that crosses every sixth row is enough to keep me from being bored. Put in a couple panels of garter stitch to make row counting easy.

Amy Lane said...

Feel free to revel--I've been revelling in the cell phone camera for YEARS. (I say hand-spun zen sweaters for EVERYONE.)

Donna Lee said...

My husband has sleep apnea as well. I,too, told him for years but he brushed it off until the doctor told him to get a sleepstudy done. Since he had his sunuses operated on (deviated septum and some turbinette shaving) and started wearing the mask, I sleep so much better. It's amazing. And smartass kids are so much more fun. I know. I have 3 of them.